How To Organize Your Next Online Event

While the coronavirus pandemic left us with few events to attend in person, the online event industry has taken off. Indeed, we have all found new ways to socialize online whilst distancing physically from each other, meaning that birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings have gone ahead with alternative celebrations! Image credit. If you have an event coming up that you have had to transfer online, such as your birthday, you might find … [Read more...]

7 Technology Life Hacks For Busy Moms

It might be a cliché, but aren’t their days when you wish you could get a few additional hours? If you are the typical busy mom, you probably have an endless list of things to do in a day. Whether it is prepping the meals, working on a given project for your business, preparing a monthly report to your employer, or getting the kids ready for school and bed. The advancement in technology and the availability of various tools have made life … [Read more...]

Fun Online Slot Games To Play

Online Slot Games To Play Slot games are one of the easiest games to play in the casino. Slots are mostly based on luck and there is little to no strategy for playing them. Even so, they are extremely fun and thrilling to play. This is especially as casinos have a great variety of slot machines to play. However, due to the limited space a casino has, there is a limit to how many slot machines there can be too. Thankfully, with online casinos, … [Read more...]

More Stores Are Starting To Use Cryptocurrencies–Is This Something You Should Care About?

More and more stores are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This sounds like a strange concept to a lot of people; the idea of a store accepting multiple different kinds of currencies sounds like something you’d only find at an airport. However, even online payment gateways are starting to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as an option and you may have even seen it when purchasing things online. So is cryptocurrency something … [Read more...]

Ways to Prepare Your Children for Our Ever-Growing Technological World

Technology is fast becoming an increasingly big factor in everyone’s lives, from young to old. From family video calls to online learning and beyond, staying on top of things can be quite difficult sometimes – particularly for younger children. As the job market edges closer to computer-based jobs, here are some fun and easy ways to help your children adapt to this brave new world.  Carry Out Fun Experiments with Them  One way in which you … [Read more...]

5 Potential Problems With AC Units That Keep Turning Off

When the sweat is dripping from your body and the summer heat feels suffocating, you depend on your air conditioning unit to make life bearable. Any inconsistencies in how it cools are noticeable, and you grow more miserable by the minute. Making in the call to a technician servicing air conditioning in Provo is one way to get some relief, but you can also look into these reasons for why your unit might keep shutting off. You Have a Thermostat … [Read more...]

This Is Why You Can Definitely Get Through Cisco 200-201 Exam Using Practice Tests

  IT certifications earned by passing one or several tests are one of the most common ways of showcasing your knowledge in a particular area. The recognition offered for these credentials by recruiters is the reason for their popularity and effectiveness. is one such exam that carries great importance. With the recent changes made to the Cisco curriculum, now you only have to ace this assessment to get the Cisco Certified … [Read more...]

Kids And Cell Phones: 9 Tips For Parents

Pixabay. CCO Licensed. Most of us didn’t grow up with cell phones - and if we did, they were basic bricks capable only of calls and texts. Today’s phones can do everything from taking photos to accessing the internet. They may only be small devices, but they carry huge power. Giving kids responsibility over this power can be daunting – especially as it can expose kids to many dangers from viewing harmful adult content to cyberbullying to … [Read more...]

Your Children Will Soon Ride in Self-Driving Cars. Will They be Safe? 

 Do you ever wonder “how will my kid be as an adult?” Well, one of the few certainties you can trust is that Teslasand self-driving vehicles will be a part of your kid’s adolescence. Odds are, your kids will soon be behind the wheel of a robot car from The Future themselves. Teslas are merely the first batch of a new way of thinking about transportation.  So are self-driving cars safe? The answer is mostly yes, but with some room for … [Read more...]

Improve Functionality, Safety, and Comfort  in Your Home with These Tech Upgrades

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to transform your home? It’s common for people to consider renovations, upgrades, and other solutions to create a home that accommodates all of their needs. In the digitally inclined world, we live in today, what better way to do that than to invest in some new tech upgrades? Technology is a major part of everything we do these days and inventors continue to bring comprehensive products to the market … [Read more...]