6 Ways to Stay Safe While Surfing the Web

6 Ways to Stay Safe While Surfing the Web In today’s world, it seems we are always connected. Whether through social media or blog posts and personal websites, our entire lives can be plastered on the Internet. However, even though using the Internet can be a great tool for parents, families, and kids to stay connected, it can also be dangerous. If you’re worried about how safe you are online, take a look at six ways to stay safe while surfing … [Read more...]

5 Apps for the Holidays

This post is part of the Verizon Ambassador program #vzwbuzz. All opinions are my own. This year you can download one or all of these 5 Apps For The Holidays to help with everything from getting great deals to just having a bit more holiday cheer in your life. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa doesn't matter. These apps work great for all kinds of celebrations, and add a little holiday cheer to your busy life during this … [Read more...]

Nabi Big Tab HD 24″ Tablet

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Holiday season is hereand it's all about getting together with the family having fun and making memories. Nabi Big Tab HD has a massive 24" tablet, the worlds biggest tablet that is made for sharing. Nabi Big Tab HD is huge! Taking it out of the box I was just in awe at the size of it. You can see a comparison to another tablet that we have. Lifting it up there is some weight to it, I know it … [Read more...]

Turn Up the Bass with JBL Extreme Bluetooth Speaker

Sample received. All opinions are my own. I'm an avid music lover. If I had my way I'd never turn my music off and enjoy listening to just about every genre. From cleaning house to running errands or just relaxing after a long day, you could say that music is my constant companion and that it's one of my favorite past times... actually sitting down and truly listening to the words of each song I hear. I love music so much that I even take it … [Read more...]

Reindeer Footprint Art Project

Reindeer Footprint Art Project     Ethan and I went on a hunt for a holiday craft that he would be able to do mostly himself to give as a gift. He decided that this Reindeer Footprint Art Project looked like fun. I absolutely handprint and footprint art because it helps capture their size and growth throughout the years. You will need: Paint: brown, red, blue and black. We did not have black so we mixed all the colors … [Read more...]

Guitar Hero Live | One Game Two Ways to Play

Sample received. All opinions are my own. At some point or another in our lives we've all played a sick solo on an air guitar and dreamed of the life that would come with the fame associated with being a rockstar. Admit it, you've done. Heck, I've done it. It's simply one of those things that everyone has done at some point or another in our lives, whether we actually dreamed of fame and fortune or just found a great song that we wanted to … [Read more...]

Exercise While Playing Video Games with Goji Play 2

Exercise While Playing Video Games with Goji Play 2 | #GetUpAndGojiPlay #GetEmOffTheCouch This blog post was sponsored by Blue Goji but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.   Do your kids scramble for the next video game, app on their tablet or video to watch? It's likely that almost every child no matter their age will end up with a screen in front of them for a portion of their day, but that means that they … [Read more...]

Microsoft Black Friday Deals are Live!

I am posting as part of the Windows Bloggers program. All opinions are my own. I'm incredibly excited to share these Black Friday deals from the Microsoft Store this year! I have several techies on my list to shop for and I've found a few fabulous deals to save a chunk of change! Whether your shopping for a gift or ready to gift yourself... I'm sure you'll find something to excite you! The Black Friday deals include: ·         Microsoft … [Read more...]

Top 5 Holiday Tech Gifts | #VZWBuzz

This post is part of the Verizon Ambassador program #vzwbuzz. All opinions are my own. Holiday shopping is just around the corner! If you have a true techie on your shopping list and you are having a hard time finding gift ideas look no further. I've gathered a short list of five of my five favorite tech gifts that would be used (and used) and appreciated on a daily basis. Anyone, techie or not, would love to receive any of … [Read more...]

Vivitar Waterproof Action Camera

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Life is an ever moving, constantly changing adventure. As a Mom of little ones I know this to be true more than anything else and know how important it is to document this precious time with my children. Ever since my kids were small I've been a little gung ho about picture taking; every moment, every family outing or gathering was religiously photographed. Some might even accuse me of oversharing when … [Read more...]