The Essentials to Setting a Healthy Example for Our Kids

Living a healthy lifestyle is about making sure that we are, as parents, setting a great example. Being a parent is the most difficult job we will ever have, and this is why setting an example is not the easiest thing in the world. We can set an example with absolutely everything we do, which is why we have to learn what it takes to set a healthy example. Health is such a diverse topic we can find ourselves going down an abundance of rabbit holes … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Living a healthy lifestyle means being mindful of your habits, and making careful choices. We can’t control every aspect of our health, but there are plenty of things we can do to live better. If you’re keen to improve your cardiovascular health, make a start with these five tips. Unsplash 1 . Eat the right foods Eating the right foods is the best way to improve your cardiovascular health. To support your heart make sure that you eat … [Read more...]

Top Safety Tips for New Parents

Welcoming in your new bundle of joy is a time of great happiness for any parents, yet can also come with understandable trepidation, especially when it is their firstborn. Navigating parenthood does not come with a user manual, and in most cases involves learning on the job.  Caring for your baby and their well-being is every parent’s priority, and in this article, we will look at some safety tips for new parents to keep your child safe … [Read more...]

Reach Your Fitness Goal

Finding the proper fitness routine can be difficult. There are so many opinions on what you should do, and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options available. This blog will help you find your way by giving you crucial tips that will help you reach your goal! Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels Set reachable goals for yourself When you set goals that are too easy, there is no motivation to keep working towards them. On … [Read more...]

Pop Or Not: Is It Acne Or Pimples?

We’ve all been there, worried about that spot that won’t go away. It's getting thicker too. Well, don’t worry. We can show you how to identify whether it's acne or a regular, albeit stubborn, pimple. It's very easy to get the two mixed up. Acne can be red, as with pimples. Pimples can have pus but so can acne. Pimples usually are small but acne can be too. We thought it would be a good idea to first compare and then contrast pimples and acne, so … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Reduce Back to School Anxiety

Anxiety is a very common issue among college students. In 2018 the American College Health Association held a study, which showed that 63% of students felt overwhelming anxiety. These numbers are pretty high and they were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of students nowadays come back to campus after a long period of online education, a completely different experience. Others just start their freshmen year, which can be … [Read more...]

Practical Ways to Support Your Loved Ones

Everyone goes through difficult times. Illness, relationship breakdowns, and stressful situations can all cause your loved ones to feel far from their best. Seeing someone you care about experiencing a challenging time is difficult, and you may be keen to look for ways to help make things easier for them. Knowing how to help your loved ones can be the biggest challenge. Taking over and trying to do too much could cause offense, but not helping at … [Read more...]

How You Can Ensure Your Loved Ones Keep Their Independence

When a family member is having difficulty taking care of oneself, it can be challenging for both them and you to provide care. Your mission is to support them to the greatest extent possible without interfering with their ability to make decisions for themselves. Here are some strategies to ensure your loved one receives what they need while maintaining their freedom.  Food services can be … [Read more...]

Discover The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Fit, Fast And Active

Are you worried about your kid’s level of activity? This is understandable, particularly when you think about the media buzz surrounding childhood obesity. Childhood obesity levels are dangerously high and there’s a real concern that children are simply not staying active enough to remain healthy. If you are concerned about issues here, then there are steps that you can and perhaps should take. In doing so, you will be able to ensure that your … [Read more...]

Seasonal Affective Disorder, What Is SAD?

Title:   Depression can come in many forms. According to one study, around 4 - 6% of the population may experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (commonly referred to as SAD), a mood disorder linked to the changing of the seasons. People who are otherwise mentally healthy throughout the rest of the year may experience low energy and feelings at the same points each year. Though the condition is less well understood than other forms of … [Read more...]