Kansas City Lawn Maintenance Tips  

If you are growing a lawn in Kansas City, you may think that you need to do exactly the same thing as people throughout the US. This is not necessarily the case. While lawn care techniques are similar throughout the country, there are certain factors that are specific to growing and maintaining a lawn in Kansas City.   Making sure that you know about these factors is important, if you want your lawn to survive and grow. You need to understand … [Read more...]

6 Unexpected Ways to Lose Weight Fast 

Many obese people struggle to lose weight. It is a tiresome and lengthy process. However, it is important to lose fat rather than weight. Focus on having a high muscle mass to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. We present to you six unexpected ways to lose weight.  Use a Standing Desk  Many people believe that they can only lose weight through full-blown workouts. However, if you stand while working you could lose up to 50 … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Link Up | Giveaway Linky

Monday Morning Link Up | Giveaway Linky Welcome to Monday Morning Link Up! This is a great way to spread the word about your giveaways and find a few to enter as well! The rules are simple: 1) Giveaways must be family friendly 2) Check out a few giveaways for yourself! (there is no obligation to enter any) Inlinkz Link Party … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Directions for Valentines Day

Chocolate and strawberries are synonymous with romance... the two together are a symphony of flavor. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be incredibly expensive to buy. I have found a quick (and delicious) way to make them that won’t break the bank. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Directions for Valentines Day You will need: Strawberries Chocolate Chips (semisweet or dark, your choice) Cupcake Papers possibly cooking … [Read more...]

Red Hot Popcorn Recipe

Red Hot Popcorn Recipe Our family has had a addiction to cinnamon popcorn for years now. Mine started when my Dad would get tins of Topsy's popcorn delivered to the house for Christmas. It so incredibly delicious, but can get expensive when purchasing for six. This red hot popcorn recipe helps meet the craving without breaking the bank... plus you can use those adorable heart red hots for Valentine’s Day! Print 5.0 from 11 reviews … [Read more...]

7 Safety Tips for Paddle Boarding With Your Child  

You know the old saying, “Once you have a child, your life changes forever.” Although that’s true, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy fun water activities like paddle boarding. It just means you’ll have to make adjustments if you want to include your child on your board with you.   If your child is still too young to paddle her own board, you can choose to take her along with you as long as you do it in a way that’s both safe and … [Read more...]

5 Survival Tips for Single Parents 

If you’re a single parent who is extremely stressed out, you’re definitely not alone. There are more than 13 million single parents in the US who are raising children on their own, many of whom are just as stressed out as you are. People are single parents for many different reasons—divorce, death, even by choice. Many military spouses have to be a single parent while their partner is deployed. No matter what your situation is, being a single … [Read more...]

The Hidden Dangers Lurking in Drinking Water

Think of any drink, no matter what. You might say that coffee is the best rejuvenating morning drink ever, or that red wine is the perfect way to get an evening started. You might have a favorite fresh drink or can’t get your food served without your soda. You can swear by the energy drinks and tell everyone they can’t go to the gym without having some. But when it comes down to it, good old pure water is the only drink you can drink to quench … [Read more...]

Why It Is Important to Have Calendars at Home 

The common calendar we use today, the Gregorian calendar, emerged at around 1580. It has been vital to humankind for planning and keeping track of important events throughout a year. However, after the revolution of technology with gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, people have become reluctant to purchase calendars at their homes.   Although it is easier to plan events and mark the most important details on your phone or … [Read more...]

4 of the Greatest Joys of Being a Parent 

There is nothing more stressful in this world than being a parent (all parents out there know what I’m talking about)! The constant nagging, whining, and crying; the constant demand for attention, praise, and animated movies. Forever worrying about them getting hurt on a field trip, or getting lost in a store (or worse…). The bickering between siblings, the sass from a primadonna five-year-old, the mouth from a 10-year-old. Fighting with them to … [Read more...]