7 Technology Life Hacks For Busy Moms

It might be a cliché, but aren’t their days when you wish you could get a few additional hours? If you are the typical busy mom, you probably have an endless list of things to do in a day. Whether it is prepping the meals, working on a given project for your business, preparing a monthly report to your employer, or getting the kids ready for school and bed.

The advancement in technology and the availability of various tools have made life much more comfortable, and it could just be the lifesaver you need. Do you ever worry about how to send an invoice faster? How to shop, or even how to clean your house much efficiently? Read on to learn how technology can ease your life as a busy mom!

  • Ease Your Workday Routine

Traditionally, life was much harder for busy moms – besides having to stay at the workplace all day, getting worried about how the kids are faring at school, and picking them, they had to do most of these tasks manually. For example, before anything got paid, an invoice was written and delivered to the accounts officer. Engaging in such routine tasks, then getting home to the kids, and household chores can be energy-draining. 

With the advent of technology, working isn’t so strenuous anymore. For example, you do not have to go for physical meetings because you can have virtual sessions over Zoom or Google meet. You can also automate most repetitive tasks, including sending invoices. 

  • Skip the Vacuum

Mopping or vacuuming the house are some of the best known traditional methods of cleaning a home. Although they are efficient, they aren’t the best you can have as a busy mom, especially with so much on your plate. Why worry about mopping or vacuuming your house when you can Roomba?

Technology has introduced robot lawn mowers, mops, and vacuum cleaners, ideal for the busy mom. You have to keep the Roomba on during the night while you are asleep or during the day as you work, and it will take care of everything. When you wake up or if you had gone to attend to other tasks, you will come home to a squeaky clean house!

  • Keep an Eye on Your Home When Away

You don’t have to worry anymore that someone will break into your home unnoticed when you are away. Home security has become practical and relatively easy with technology. 

By using ring and doorbell video apps, you get to know who comes to your home. The above technology tends to be used on lighting systems as well. You can switch the lights on and off even when you are not in the house. 

For every busy mom, such tasks may seem little, but they matter a lot. Can you remember how many times you have forgotten to switch off your porch light? But with smart technology, you can switch it on and off.

  • Feed Your Pets with Ease 

Let’s face it – many are the times your pet has gone without food for several hours because you are away from the house or you were too occupied to remember the little guy. That challenge will be a thing of the past if you get the right technology; it is now possible to feed your pets with a tap of a few buttons on your phone. 

You can get pet feeders that run on Wi-Fi to automate the pet feeding process. By using your smartphone and pressing the right buttons, you can ensure that your fur babies feed at the right time and safely. Technology-enabled pet feeders can come in handy, especially when you are going on a trip but you cannot find a reliable 

  • Shorten Your Grocery Trips 

If there is anything time-consuming for any mom is shopping for groceries. However, technology can save you a significant amount of time for your grocery shopping, especially with the introduction of online shopping and delivery services. All you need to do is make your order online from a trusted online dealer and get your groceries delivered to your doorstep as you attend to other house chores. 

Online shopping and delivery services can help you save time and money because you avoid physical shopping, which leads to impulse buying. However, focus on finding the most reliable and efficient grocery delivery platforms to avoid inconveniences and unnecessary costs by engaging the wrong people. 

The pandemic has made online shopping somewhat of a necessity. Keep you and your loved ones safe, and simultaneously save your time as a home-based mom. 

  • Skip the Cooking

There are days when you barely have time for planning or preparing your meals. It is at such times when technology becomes a vital lifesaver. With so many meal delivery services around, all you need to do is find one and let them deliver your favorite food when you don’t have time to prepare a meal at home. 

With the meal delivery service, you get to attend to other chores knowing that your food will be delivered right when ready to eat it. Thus, this approach saves you a significant amount of time and enhances efficiency at work and home. 

  • Keep the Kids Busy and Engaged

If you want to finish a few tasks but the kids are all over you, technology can be a lifesaver. Nowadays, there is so much educational content for the kids that gets the kids engaged and helps them learn a few new things. 

Whereas many parents are worried about the screen time for their kids, when you are catching up a few minutes for a work call or doing some laundry, all you need to do is be careful when choosing the content the kids watch. Go for sites with parental-controlled content that focuses on offering the children a thing or two to learn. 

Instead of exposing your kids to games full of violence, get your hands on spot the difference games easily available on the Play Store. Your kids will indeed find the difference spotting game exciting and challenging. The different puzzle levels will make sure to uplift your interest in this game and never let you get bored. This game comes with high-quality graphics and a user-friendly interface that make it quite enjoyable for anyone who plays it. Besides passing the time, the spot the difference games work as an exercise for your brain, as it helps you improve the accuracy and speed of finding the differences. 

Technology has become an excellent lifesaver for busy moms. Ease your day by automating most of the tasks from sending invoices, feeding your pets, to shopping. Are you using any technology currently to ease your life? Feel free to share with other busy moms!


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