How to boost your business using these online tools

There are a great number of inexpensive or free tools and software systems available that can help businesses of all sizes to improve their workflow. When you consider how your company currently operates, how many different tools do you utilize on a daily basis? For example, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, or internal software systems. What other tools can you adopt that will help you boost your business?

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools refer to the collaboration amongst your employees and communication between different employees and departments. Communication is arguably the most important aspect of running a successful business and hundreds of companies fail due to communication problems within. Collaboration between your workers is essential for the smooth running of your business and these tools can help you identify any problems and deal with them before they have the chance to impact your revenue or reputation. Find out more about understanding collaboration tools here.

Live Chat Tool

A great way to convert website visitors into actual prospects is to engage them directly. A tool like Intercom allows you to quickly engage with those who visit your website using a combination of live chat and an automated chatbot to answer basic questions or direct them to somewhere they can find more information. This is a way of personalizing the user experience and guarantees that you are providing potential customers with the right information as and when they require it. Many customers want to talk to a company in real-time and they are increasingly expecting websites to have this live chat function.

Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software works by automating repetitive marketing actions and freeing up time to focus on actions with a higher added value, thus saving you money in the long run. There are a variety of different features offered by these kinds of software that can significantly improve the return on investments of marketing and grow your business.

Website Analytics

Creating content and attracting visitors to your site is not all there is to marketing. If you can truly analyze how your content works and where your website visitors are coming from you can get a full picture of how well your efforts are producing results. Using this information, you can direct resources into strategies that work and prevent the wasting of money on less effective tasks. The best way to fully harness this information is by using an analytics tool such as Google analytics.

Project Management Software

Having a whole range of marketing tools at your disposal is great but they need to be operated by a team that is responsive and can work together effectively. Through the use of project management software, you ensure higher-performing projects and more effective collaboration between employees that work on them. This software streamlines the process, saves time and allows you to track progress in real-time. You can set clear goals, incorporate the relevant marketing campaigns, track them, and monitor people’s performance.

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