Maternity Photoshoot – Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Maternity Photographer

Motherhood is the journey of a lifetime. It is hard, but it's also unbelievably rewarding and life-changing. It is not just about being a mother. It is about being a woman who has grown as an individual and become someone who can take care of herself and others, too. If you are expecting, your baby bump will go through many changes over the next few months. And if you are excited, you'll want to get some professional photos taken before … [Read more...]

Tips for Photo Journaling Baby’s First Year

Tips for Photo Journaling Baby's First Year The first year of a child’s life is also the most photographed year of their life, mostly due to our wanting to capture their every waking moment. True, that first year comes with a lot of firsts and each of these is exciting no matter how many children a family may have. In order to create a more meaningful collection of photographs that tell your child’s story, it is best to take photos with the … [Read more...]

Our Holiday Weekend

Our Holiday Weekend   Our holiday weekend started out with a bang (sorry, couldn’t resist). The kids were super pumped to see the fireworks as well as spending time with their friends.  Our cal-de-sac has traditionally been active on the 4th at night, this year was no exception. If anything, more families were celebrating. The displays were fun and some were surprising... I actually think Ethan got a little more … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | Fun Underwater Photos

  Keeping Cool During the Dog Days | Fun Underwater Photos We have been planning for our vacation later this year and I have been waiting for a good sale on an underwater digital camera. We ran across a fabulous deal on a Fujifilm FinePix XP60 and wanted to give it a test run. Like many families, our summer is being spent keeping cool at our local pool. Emma has gotten stronger this year and can swim quite well without her water wings. We … [Read more...]

Posing Ideas for Family Photo Shoots

Posing Ideas for Family Photo Shoots Family photos are not only fun to look back on, but they become a treasured memory as your children begin to grow up and make their own way in the world. If you continue the custom even when they have a job and have moved out, it might well even become an extra event for all of you to get together at. Thinking up different posing ideas for a family photo shoot can be bit tiresome and nerve-wracking if the … [Read more...]

Saturday Sillies | Emma and Ethan Photo Shoot Outtakes

Saturday Sillies | Emma and Ethan Photo Shoot Outtakes When I asked a few months back what you would like to see more of on the blog, I had several people tell me “more pictures of the family”. So... because I am under the weather and just cannot focus on a review, I decided to share some of our current outtakes for a fun Saturday Sillies giggle. Those of you with multiple children will completely understand when I tell you that getting a … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday | Walnuts

We just got back from an afternoon at the park. Ethan spent most of his time collecting walnuts and shoving them in his pockets... he was worried squirrels would come take them from him. At one point he yelled across the playground, “Mom! My walnuts are in my pockets!”. Boys. … [Read more...]

Photo A Day | Day 7 | Dinner | #SimplySassySnap

Today’s theme : Dinner Homemade veggie burger (you can view the recipe at my brand new site here), fresh corn and watermelon pieces. Do you have a photo a day or just a photo you’d like to link up? … [Read more...]

Photo A Day | Day 6 | Self | #SimplySassySnaps

Today’s theme is : SELF I would take it with my cell phone, but the angle is just not workable for me... so I resorted to Photobooth. Notice how when Mommy opens Photobooth people start to swarm. Do you have a photo a day or just a photo you want to link up? … [Read more...]

Photo A Day | Day 5 | B&W | #SimplySassySnaps

Today’s theme was B&W I snapped this of the two kids playing outside yesterday. They were so happy to finally get outside without a blast oven smacking them in the face. Funny how 90 degrees feels cool after a long wave of 100+. I also wanted to share two of my favorite B&W photos I’ve taken of the kids. I like to add a touch of color into the B&W. The first is of Emma at the beginning of January... before we grew her bangs out. … [Read more...]