Saturday Sillies | Emma and Ethan Photo Shoot Outtakes

Saturday Sillies | Emma and Ethan Photo Shoot Outtakes

When I asked a few months back what you would like to see more of on the blog, I had several people tell me “more pictures of the family”. So… because I am under the weather and just cannot focus on a review, I decided to share some of our current outtakes for a fun Saturday Sillies giggle.

Those of you with multiple children will completely understand when I tell you that getting a decent photo with two subjects is sometimes near impossible. Emma and Ethan have been extra squirrely lately and it shone through as I tried to take photos of them in their cute Gymboree clothing we were reviewing.


Ethan has gone from refusing to smile to being extra cheesy lately. Just as I get him smiling somewhat normal Emma does something odd like sharing her zombie impression.

It only gets better, though. I had a small stack of four outfits for each child to model for me. With each outfit change came a round of excitement, giggles and overall sillies. Here we have Emma and Ethan modeling their new Tea Collection clothing.


I’m not sure what was going on really. It looks like a monkey theme for a few shots that slowly ends in Ethan zoning out. Their toes are cut off in the last two pictures but they were both tippy toe models by the end. Fortunately I was able to get a couple of somewhat usable photos for our review posts, but I seriously thought I was going to have to cut the good shots of each child and paste them together!

Do YOU have a favorite?

Have a great Saturday and stay warm! We are forecasted for 5-10” of snow! I thought it was spring… right?


  1. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Cute pictures! Ethan looks like such a ham 🙂 And I’m so ready for spring, its been snowing all week where I live 🙁

  2. jamie braun says

    hilarious pics, and super cute! i totally know what you mean, having two kids myself! it seems like it take me 1/2 and hour to get a decent pic!

  3. Michelle Feliciano says

    they are both so cute!

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