Wordless Wednesday | Walnuts

We just got back from an afternoon at the park.

Ethan spent most of his time collecting walnuts and shoving them in his pockets… he was worried squirrels would come take them from him.

At one point he yelled across the playground, “Mom! My walnuts are in my pockets!”.




  1. Karen Glatt says

    Your son is cute! I remember when I was a child going to the park with my mother, and coming home with colored rocks. I thought that these rocks were very important. That is what you son is probably thinking when he brought his walnuts home! Ethan thought he had found something remarkable. It is so cute to see children do this!

  2. Bethany M says

    Oh my! Kids say the funniest things!!!

  3. Too funny! I have 13 full size Walnut trees around my house. We call it hard hat area this time of the year, because they are falling. We have had them actually dent the vehicles in the yard. Tell Ethan not to pick them up in the later fall. They will turn your hands brown from the natural walnut stain they contain. They make your hands smell too.

  4. Alan Tong says

    Such a cute pic of Ethan! I picked walnuts with my mom and siblings when I was about his age.

  5. amy v says

    LOL SOOO cute!! kids say the funniest things sometimes!!

  6. Your little boy is so cute.He looks like he is really having so much fun with the walnuts.

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