Wordless Wednesday | Fun Underwater Photos


Keeping Cool During the Dog Days | Fun Underwater Photos

We have been planning for our vacation later this year and I have been waiting for a good sale on an underwater digital camera. We ran across a fabulous deal on a Fujifilm FinePix XP60 and wanted to give it a test run. Like many families, our summer is being spent keeping cool at our local pool.


Emma has gotten stronger this year and can swim quite well without her water wings. We are still working on going under without pinching her nose, though.


Ethan, my ham, loves to get right in your face. His silly faces are so much fun… and I just adore this photo of him.


Emma counts down the hours and minutes until her best friend comes home from school. I Red heart this photo so much… they both look so incredibly happy.


We got Emma to un-pinch her nose, but then got a silly face.


Of course Ethan thought it was awesome that he could splash the person holding the camera. Hopefully we don’t forget sometime and splash Mommy when she’s holding the “good” camera!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our dog days of summer. We hope everyone else is keeping cool and would love to see pictures of how you are spending your summer!

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  1. Christina says

    Ahh, I want a waterproof camera!! I’d love to get some great pictures from our summer adventures (beach, pool, springs). My 9 year old still holds her nose when she goes under water lol.

  2. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I would love an underwater camera!! These pictures are so fun and came out really good! We are working on getting my 2 year old use to water, right now she is afraid of it :/ Hopefully someday she will be a little fish too 🙂

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