Tips for Photo Journaling Baby’s First Year

Tips for Photo Journaling Baby’s First Year

The first year of a child’s life is also the most photographed year of their life, mostly due to our wanting to capture their every waking moment. True, that first year comes with a lot of firsts and each of these is exciting no matter how many children a family may have. In order to create a more meaningful collection of photographs that tell your child’s story, it is best to take photos with the intention of journaling the journey later.

Every time you head out for an exciting day with the family, or want to capture an at home family moment remember these tips to help you photo journal your baby’s entire first year.

babayBig Moments Deserve Big Photos

Try to capture as many photos of the big firsts that your baby has in order to ensure that you have a selection of frame worthy photos to choose from. The big first can include birth, the whole family together at home for the first time, and baby sitting up. When adding these photos to a photo journaling book that you are creating through the first year, use the biggest and best shot that you have of each of these big moments.

Tell A Story

The best photo journaling books are those that tell a continuous story for friends and family to follow along to as they view photos. You want to tell the first year of your baby’s life, but you also want to make it fun so include a narration as you go. Less is more though when photo journaling so keep all the dialogue short and sweet.

Photograph With Time In Mind

Every few pages or so should include a time passed update of your baby’s first year. You can do this with a monthly or seasonal shot, but always try to get baby in the same pose or near the same spot to provide a point of reference for readers. Doing this is a great way to show how much your baby has grown as time passes.

Include Friends and Family

Even though you are photo journaling you baby’s first year, adding friends and family is a great touch because it shows the world into which your child was born. All your family and friends are part of the baby’s life and if they are individuals that you want your baby to remember or cherish in the years to come these photos will definitely be meaningful.


  1. Sandra VanHoey says

    Great tips! I am a huge picture taker although I have to get me another camera basically got all of one of my grandsons pics myself and he has so many to see when he grows up. I took care of him while Mommy & Daddy worked and didn’t want to lose a thing. In my case, I just wrote in his baby book all his first with pics but I did share with family and friends. I wish I would have had a journal like so many of y’all have done.

  2. i just recently gathered all my baby photos and am putting them in a photo book- i’m trying to chronicle them in the correct order but its very hard. i wish i would have done this a little better and next year i will be much more organized!

  3. Tanya Holland says

    I love the ideas here. My niece is expecting and I’m going to pass this on to her so she can use the tips. Thanks.

  4. Brittany Thomas says

    Lots of great tips! I’m a part of a baby group where we all take monthly pictures of our babies. It’s great to keep up taking pictures.

  5. Michelle F. says

    Great tips. I need to take more pictures with family and friends.

  6. Some great tips, my niece is having her first baby in June and I have volunteered to photograph some first days. I will use your sugestions. Thanks!

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