Posing Ideas for Family Photo Shoots

Posing Ideas for Family Photo Shoots

Family photos are not only fun to look back on, but they become a treasured memory as your children begin to grow up and make their own way in the world. If you continue the custom even when they have a job and have moved out, it might well even become an extra event for all of you to get together at.

Thinking up different posing ideas for a family photo shoot can be bit tiresome and nerve-wracking if the members can’t come up with the right poses. Remember this is a family photo, so cheesy poses without regard for the background won’t cut it. All members should feel comfortable and try to adapt to the environment.

For a unique take on individual portraits that will make a memorable addition alongside other cherished family memorabilia in customized baby photobooks, you can mimic one person’s style, capturing the essence of each family member in a fun and cohesive way.

Set up some creative lighting and dedicate an entire wall or corner to these very special pictures, moments and people in your life.

Here are some posing ideas for you to consider for family photo shoot:

familycropped2The Formal Family Pose

This style requires all of you to be dressed in formal clothing, preferably color coded to make you all seem even more bound together. You can then group yourselves as parents in the center and children on the side. If your children are toddlers, you can hold them up.

Mom can hold the son while dad can stand holding the daughter. Opposite pairing looks nice and balances the picture. If they’re older, they can group around you in a similar fashion with son on the mom’s side and daughter on dad’s side.

If your kids are all grown up then perhaps you and your husband can sit to the front and your children can stand behind you.

Individual Portraits

Individual photos may not be the best idea for family photo shoots, but you can make them creative.

You can mimic one person’s style and all of you could be photographed like for a cutesy memory.

If you’re still unsure how to go about organizing your shoot, consult with some of the family-friendly professional portrait studios that specialize in portrait photography.

The Madagascar

Remember when the first Madagascar movie came out? Yes, the animated cartoon with the four zoo animals that get shipped out to sea. On the DVD cover, they’re all four bunched together with their heads joined up in a pose that is quite informal and fun.

If you’re looking for poses that are more casual, this is probably one of the most adorable ones and doesn’t require any extra effort.

You may also prefer the same pose for every year’s shoot so that you can track how each one of you has changed over time.

Family photos not only help make memories, but really show you how each of you has grown and how you grow roots around you as your family continues to grow over the year.



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