Healthy Kids & Outdoor Play | Backyard Discovery Swingset SALE

Healthy kids. As parents we want them to grow up strong, secure, and confident. Summer time gives kids the best chance to get outside and play; using their imagination, creativity, and developing social skills. And just about the time we think we see dust collecting on the video game box, summer screeches to a halt and it’s back to school. Now the routine changes to “after school” and how time is occupied other than homework. Why not keep them … [Read more...]

The London 2012 Paralympic Games Schedule | #VisaGoWorld

Just last night my 5 year old daughter asked me if we could watch the Olympics. She was sad to hear that they were over. She will be thrilled to hear that the London 2012 Paralympic Games are starting today! The International Paralympics Committee (IPC) will be showing 780 hours of live action via, so check out the action and continue cheering for Team VISA Athletes.  US Team Visa athletes Jessica Long will be swimming … [Read more...]

“Master Moves Mickey ” (aka M3) From Fisher Price Inspires A Times Square Flash Mob

Just a few short weeks ago, the young and young-at-heart headed to New York’s Times Square with one collective mission – to get down with Mickey Mouse! Apparently I was there just a few short blocks from all of the fun... I would have loved to see this adorable group of kids (and adults) with their dancing shoes on... children, parents and New Yorkers danced their way through the city’s iconic intersection in a surprise flash mob starring the … [Read more...]

Winx Club is taking over Stardoll

Get ready - Winx Club is taking over Stardoll! For two months, Bloom and Stella will be featured in the Stardoll Plaza Window ( Girls can purchase either Bloom and Stella’s fashions for their suite, or the Winx Club fashion dolls. In addition, Girls can send a wish list email to let their family and friends to let them know what Winx Club items they want. Also, during the last week and half of October, Stardoll … [Read more...]

I Am Taking The Estroven Good Sleep Challenge #GoodSleep

I’m not sure if I mentioned this or not (my mind is mush right now), but recently Estroven invited me to participate in a three month Good Sleep Challenge.  I happily accepted. I am now two months into the challenge. I know many of you are thinking “Isn’t Estroven for older women?” Well... Estroven is meant for women experiencing perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal symptoms. It wasn’t until recently that I started to put two and … [Read more...]

SAFESKIN Kids Antibacterial Gel – Educating Moms About MRSA

SAFESKIN Kids Antibacterial Gel – Educating Moms About MRSA   SAFESKIN Kids Antibacterial Gel from Kimberly-Clark Professional wants to help moms learn how to identify MRSA and prevent against the infection. SAFESKIN Kids Antibacterial Gel is a new first aid topical antibacterial gel that provides a barrier to MRSA, a highly contagious staph bacteria that can infect skin, invade other parts of the body and is resistant to many … [Read more...]

Put Some Music In Your Summer with Pringles Speaker Can Promotion [CLOSED GIVEAWAY]

Pringles Speaker Can Promotion Pringles wants you to take summertime fun, music and flavor wherever you go with the new Pringles Speaker Can. The Pringles Speaker Can is designed to fit onto the top of any can of Pringles and uses the empty can to ampliy sound when attached to a personal MP3 player or similar music device. Whether you are at the beach, on a boat, at a barbeque or on a picnic, Pringles Speaker Can helps pummp up the … [Read more...]

“Sweet Independence” with Hershey’s Simple Pleasures | #WIN Prizes | #hsysimplepleasures

I have been a tried and true Hershey’s lover (probably) from birth. My grandmother always had a large sized Hershey’s chocolate bar with almonds in her bedside table to munch on while reading her magazines in bed. We joked that chocolate ran through our veins instead of blood she ate so much of it. My love of Hershey’s chocolate... well it’s just genetics... right? Unfortunately, I have been working on my waistline (or to put it better... … [Read more...]

Earn FREE GAS! | Spin To Save With Shell Oil Fuel Reward Network

I know I don’t normally post things like this, but with a summer road trip ahead of us I started looking for ways to cut the expenses. My good friend Enza told me about this program and I HAD TO SHARE! Save some money off your next gas fill up with Shell Oil Fuel Reward Network!  You can earn more because for each person who spins for you, you will earn even more off your tank!!! 1. Spin that wheel for cents per gallon rewards. 2. Lock … [Read more...]

Patio Makeover Time! at Newegg?

Our back porch has basically been used as a clutter catcher for the kids toys for the past couple of years. We have a playhouse, a kiddie pool and a water table out there. If an adult wants to sit outside we tend to grab an older chair and find a spot in the corner. It’s really not very comfortable nor very “oasis” like which is something we would like to have. It has great potential for an oasis type spot. It is fairly secluded with a large … [Read more...]