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Healthy kids. As parents we want them to grow up strong, secure, and confident. Summer time gives kids the best chance to get outside and play; using their imagination, creativity, and developing social skills. And just about the time we think we see dust collecting on the video game box, summer screeches to a halt and it’s back to school.

swingset and fortNow the routine changes to “after school” and how time is occupied other than homework. Why not keep them outside in the fresh air? A swingset is the perfect way to keep the kids close by, busy, and developing skills while they’re having fun.

Backyard Discovery logoBackyard Discovery is the largest manufacturer of wood swingsets in the US. Our sets range in price from $499 to $1799 and all are made from 100% cedar wood so they’re naturally resistant to rotting. Those prices include shipping to your home*! The sets are complete including cedar wood that is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained. They include swings and a slide. Some sets include monkey bars and other cool accessories! But all our sets are great for getting the blood pumping and having some late afternoon fun.

saleDuring the month of September we are having a 10% off sale. You can save BIG on a new wood swingset as well as some cool accessories to make it even more fun. Add a swingset and then maybe a convertible swing and telescope to your shopping cart, then enter the code BYD2012BTS. Instant 10% savings!

So click on over to or check us out on Facebook at  Or give us a call at 855-308-6871.


* Shipping to lower US 48 states only. We can ship to Canada but extra charges apply. Sorry, we can’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii or elsewhere.



  1. Joy caffrey says

    I would sooo love to win this and modify it for my sn I’ll one!

  2. Carole Ingram says

    Now that we finally have a house,I’m debating about purchasing a swing set, my daughters are already getting too old for one but I have a newborn son now.

  3. Sarah L says

    This would have been fun to have when the kids were little. We had a tire swing.

  4. The swingset is so awesome. Makes me want to be a kid again. LOL thanks for sharing.

  5. Calli says

    I always wanted one of these when I was young.

  6. Wendy says

    Who needs TV or video games when you have a swingset like that! I want it for ME! haha…

  7. Free shipping?!? That’s great! I’d love a new swing set. We moved and so we sold our old one 🙁

  8. brett says

    we LIVE on our swingset outside!! its marvelous. i love it.

  9. A swing set is just the right thing to add in your backyard, especially if you have kids who’ve been dreaming to play on one! Setting it up is easy as 1, 2, and 3! You can ask the experts to do it for you as well…

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