Earn FREE GAS! | Spin To Save With Shell Oil Fuel Reward Network


I know I don’t normally post things like this, but with a summer road trip ahead of us I started looking for ways to cut the expenses. My good friend Enza told me about this program and I HAD TO SHARE!

Save some money off your next gas fill up with Shell Oil Fuel Reward Network!  You can earn more because for each person who spins for you, you will earn even more off your tank!!!

1. Spin that wheel for cents per gallon rewards.
2. Lock in your prize or spin again.
3. Sign up for the Fuel Reward Network program, then share with your friends and family to EARN MORE off your next fill up!!!

Here are a few more ways to rack up the savings with the Fuel Reward Network!

• Shop at participating grocery stores, retailers or inside Shell Convenience Stores
• Shop through our Online Mall
• Select eCoupons to use at participating grocery stores
• Dine at participating restaurants, bars and clubs
• Enter promo codes

Sign up for Shell Oil Fuel Reward Network!!

(Thanks, Enza!)


  1. Thanks for sharing this I signed up.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I could sure use a break at the pump. =)

  3. Abi R. says

    Signed up, thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes….our Shell has a program in conjunction with Kroger so I save some each time I go there. But I’d never heard of this program. Thanks for sharing.

    *Today I went to fill up. I slid my card in the reader at the pump, filled up and was getting in the car to leave when the clerk came running out. She said “ma’am, you didn’t pay”. Totally honest mistake – I thought the reader had accepted my card but it hadn’t. I was pretty embarrassed!

  5. thanks.. always good to save on gas.

  6. Tanya Curtis says

    Thanks a lot for sharing having 4 babies I need all I can save in this day and time 😉

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