Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Indulge In Me Time #sponsored

This post is brought to you by Pepperidge Farm® Milano® cookies, but concerns my own opinion. If you are a busy mom like myself, you know all too well how hard it is to find time for self-care. Being able to give yourself a few minutes or hours of just me time is tough for a mom who is working hard for her family. There are few things that allow you to really indulge yourself without taking time away from your family, but one thing I enjoy is a … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video | Feeding Your Best Friend | Keep Them Healthy with Iams

This post has been sponsored by IAMS, but concerns my own opinion As a mom, I spend an unfathomable amount of time worrying about the food I feed my children. Searching for healthy food is an obsession because I want what's best for them. So why wouldn't you do the same for your pets? They say a dog is man's best friend. They are loyal, loving, stubborn and forgiving. No matter how badly you treat them they always forgive and forget. No … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video | Knorr Flavors of Home

Sponsored Video | Knorr Flavors of Home Post sponsored by Knorr. All opinions are my own. They say smells, sounds and tastes can all be tied into memories. I have some very distinct memories that are brought up when I smell or eat specific foods. That's why I wasn't surprised by recent research findings commisioned by Knorr. The research found that people, regardless of how much time has passed, still find their mother’s cooking to be … [Read more...]

Sponsored | Benjamin Moore Regal Select REVIVE Paint FOR VINYL Exteriors

Benjamin Moore Regal Select REVIVE Paint FOR VINYL Exteriors This post has been sponsored by Benjamin Mooore, but concerns our own opinion A few years back my husband and I had to make the difficult decision between vinyl siding and paint. The house was looking sad and we knew it was time to make the decision. Vinyl has it’s advantages. It’s sturdy and, in most cases, you will never need to paint again. Paint has it’s advantages, also. A … [Read more...]

Sponsored | Do You Have the Right Bandages In Your First Aid Kit?

This post has been sponsored by Nexcare, all opinions are my own. Summer and boo boos. They are synonymous in our household. We are just a little over a month into summer and my kids have gone through more bandages than I can count. These aren’t just frivolous applications either, although those do still occur without my knowing at times. We’ve had stubbed/scraped toes (some day they will listen to my pleas to wear shoes), deep scrapes … [Read more...]

Sponsored | Stop Waiting In Line and Start Enjoying Your Coffee | International Delights Iced Coffee

This post has been sponsored by International Delights Iced Coffee, but all opinions are our own.   I have a sign on the wall of my kitchen that reads, “I haven’t had my coffee yet. Don’t make me kill you.” My family got it for me as a joke gift, but it couldn’t be more true. To their surprise I proudly display it on my wall. My children know that it’s best to not start jabbering at Mommy until she’s had at least half of her … [Read more...]

Sponsored | Little Caesars Hot and Ready Pizza Saves the Day

This post has been sponsored by Little Caesars, all opinions are my own. It’s happened to me more times than I care to admit. I’ve taken the kids out with me to run errands and then run longer than I had anticipated. The kids are becoming unruly because their blood sugar is plummeting. My kids have an aversion to hamburgers... so where can I get food, fast. The thought process kicks in. Kids love pizza because it’s delicious. Moms … [Read more...]

Sponsored | FarmVille 2 is Going Mobile | Country Escape

This post has been sponsored by Zynga, but concerns our own opinion Do you have a little extra time and are looking for a game that is somewhat mindless (aka easy) and fun to play? Years ago my daughter, aunt, and I were addicted to FarmVille. We spent hours upon hours planning out our farm, planting our crops, harvesting... it was mindless but FUN! Now FarmVille has an upgrade... it’s Farmville 2 Country Escape. But wait, it gets … [Read more...]

Sponsored Post | What You Need for Thick Long Hair

 This post has been sponsored by Liquid-Plumr, but concerns my own opinion. I never could understand what the big deal was about as a child. Yes, I had long hair. Yes, it was incredibly thick. Yes, I used the shower daily. Um, NOPE! The clog couldn't have been from me. Are you seriously going to try to pin that one on me?! Now, I am the parent... with the clogged drains. I have two girls with long hair and one with … [Read more...]

Sponsored | Glad Trash Crashers Make Party Cleanup FUN

This post has been sponsored by Glad Black Bag, but concerns our own opinion Over the course of being a mom (almost 22 years now!) I’ve planned and thrown many (many) birthday parties (and a few baby shower and wedding showers). Planning, shopping, cooking, decorating and being the hostess can take a toll on a person. It’s honestly not a relaxing job, but enjoyable nonetheless. Then... everyone leaves. That’s when I want to plop on the couch … [Read more...]