Sponsored | Benjamin Moore Regal Select REVIVE Paint FOR VINYL Exteriors

Benjamin Moore Regal Select REVIVE Paint FOR VINYL Exteriors

This post has been sponsored by Benjamin Mooore, but concerns our own opinion

A few years back my husband and I had to make the difficult decision between vinyl siding and paint. The house was looking sad and we knew it was time to make the decision.

Vinyl has it’s advantages. It’s sturdy and, in most cases, you will never need to paint again.

Paint has it’s advantages, also. A good quality paint can last up to 10 years, it’s less expensive and you can change your mind easily.

Color commitment scared us.

What if we made a poor color choice? Would we have to live with it forever?!

We finally decided on paint. Between the cost and the commitment to color it was the direction we felt we needed to go.

Now I’m hearing about Benjamin Moore’s newest exterior paint product, Regal Select REVIVE. Specifically for vinyl siding, Regal Select REVIVE is available in a variety of colors and is extremely affordable.

Unlike the past, where customers looking to refresh the look of their vinyl were limited to lighter paint colors, customers can now choose from a variety of hues-even colors darker than the shade of their home!

Due to the optimal quality of Benjamin Moore’s REVIVE, there is now an exterior paint product available in darker hues that is able to withstand the stress of expansion and contraction.

The video is quite comical as it showcases a family who is completely unaware of the ability to paint vinyl. Instead, they choose the alternative option of a completely inflatable house…a child’s dream and an adult’s nightmare.

You can only imagine how this plays out!

Had they known about Benjamin Moore’s newest paint product, things would have been a lot easier for this family.

It’s really worth a watch… I sat with my mouth gaped the entire time and then giggled out loud at the end.



  1. Sarah L says

    Such a funny video. Watch out for the weight limit. Keep patch kits handy. I have a brick house. No paint.

  2. saminder gumer says

    nice video. i love the colors and the fact is made for vinyl exteriors. i have wood on the home right now but if i had vinyl i would be all over this.

  3. What a great idea. I’ve seen vinyl is some questionable colors… if you were purchasing a house with icky vinyl, you could fix it so easily now!

  4. That video is hilarious! Here in Las Vegas stucco is the standard housing exterior but I really like the look of some added stone too.

  5. theresa m. says

    We have some graffiti on our vinyl siding that i thought could never be covered! Next stop…benjamin moore!!

  6. Sarah Hayes says

    I had no idea you could paint vinyl. Im glad ppl have that option. this sounds like a good way to go

  7. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    Loved the video!I didn’t know you could paint Vinyl siding. A great thing to know Cause my House is on off white and you can see every speck of dirt on it so I have to power wash it every year. I bet a darker color would not show all of the dirt and this way I could power wash every 2-3 years! Would save me money cause I have to rent the power washer.

  8. Nicole says

    Benjamin Moore is a awesome brand to consider, high quality and holds up nicely. I am extremely excited to have learned so much from the post, can’t wait to paint my Vinyl siding.

  9. That was too cute! I love the house! I want one for the kids to play in, lol.

  10. Diana Castro says

    That was a great video. The kids house was so cute.

  11. Andrea says

    Vinyl is such a great idea! The house is adorable!

  12. Wendi Shifflette says

    I love the Patch Kit. I had no idea you could paint vinyl.

  13. Julie Cutshaw says

    oh my time that was funny. I was already into a coughing spell from my lunch crackers and then a deep gutted laugh kicked in once the party visitors started to all sink from furniture blowout lol. On to a real fact, I didn’t realize you could use Benjamin Moore’s newest exterior paint product for vinyl siding. I’m so ready to repaint ours. We do the shutters each year but this new product would be great and they sure do make quality paints that last. Great informative post. Thanks

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