Sponsored | Do You Have the Right Bandages In Your First Aid Kit?

This post has been sponsored by Nexcare, all opinions are my own.

Summer and boo boos. They are synonymous in our household.

We are just a little over a month into summer and my kids have gone through more bandages than I can count.

These aren’t just frivolous applications either, although those do still occur without my knowing at times.

We’ve had stubbed/scraped toes (some day they will listen to my pleas to wear shoes), deep scrapes down the back of a leg from a fall down the stairs, skinned knees, paper cuts, and even burns from the 4th of July (again, they will learn to listen someday, right?).

Each injury typically requires many re-applications of bandages in our household. Some last hours, many only last minutes.

I really should invest in a bandage company.

My children quickly forget they have them on and will dig in the sandbox, make mud pies, play sidewalk chalk or even submerge them in water.

Until recently I was frustrated with this predicament. Dirty, sandy and wet bandages do not help promote healing let alone stay on well.

Nexcare created a bandage with superb durability, the 3M Waterproof bandage.

To showcase the durability they hired a “Nana” to demonstrate just how resistant these bandages are! The videos show how Nexcare offers the best protection possible.

Even after being hosed down the bandage remains intact, making this the perfect bandage for every mom’s first aid kit!


  1. Janet W. says

    I know our family goes through lots of bandages having two young grandsons! They are so clumsy!

  2. Anne says

    Around here, I’m the biggest user of bandages, usually on my fingers and hands from cuts in the kitchen. And I find it’s almost impossible to keep the bandages on when I’m cooking, because of the many times I have to stop and wash my hands. These might just be the solution.

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