Plantoys Musical Band Wooden Toy Review

Plantoys Musical Band Wooden Toy Review PlanToys is a company that strives to create an environmentally safe toys for our children, these toys are all created with superior quality and safety standards. Each toy is designed to inspire children's imagination, along with working on their physical and intellectual development. I was sent the Musical Band, a drum set made that has our little ones in mind. It is a perfect size for my 2 … [Read more...]

vTech Innotab 2 Learning App Tablet For Kids Review

Ethan has recently started asking if he can use Mommy’s iPad. Because Mommy does not want to share her tablet, I was excited to let him try the vtech InnoTab 2. Out of the box the InnoTab 2 has a nice solid feel. The rubberized edges are there to help absorb shock for when the kids drop it (I say when because they will and Ethan already has). The camera flips/rotates to the front or back making it fun for self portraits, taking pictures … [Read more...]

Magic Cabin Personalized Book Rack Review

Magic Cabin Personalized Book Rack We have slowly been redecorating both Emma and Ethan’s rooms trying to make them more comfortable... kind of like their own little nest. We removed the toy clutter from under Emma’s loft bed and decided to turn it into a reading area for her. We found the perfect bean bag chair but were still trying to find the best solution for storing/displaying Emma’s books. After a little web browsing we found Magic … [Read more...]

Vtech Mobigo 2 Touch Learning System | Now With Motion Games

Vtech Mobigo 2 Touch Learning System Ethan (age 4) loves to do and play with “big” kid things. He has become quite adept at maneuvering around on the computer and loves to play a few video games on the Wii with his siblings. I have seen the look he gives his older brother when he plays handheld video games so when the Mobigo 2 came out I knew we had to try it. What I love about the new MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System is that it is a … [Read more...]

Hasbro Let’s Rock! Elmo & Play-Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe Review

Let’s Rock! Elmo & Swirling Shake Shoppe There are two things in this world my two love right now... Elmo and Play-Doh. Fortunately for them Hasbro asked us to take a peek at two of these fun toys! Let's Rock! Elmo is a fun animated toy that bops along to the music with your child all the while playing a musical instrument. Elmo will play his tambourine, drums or hold a microwave and jam out! Product Description: It’s music time! … [Read more...]

“Master Moves Mickey ” (aka M3) From Fisher Price Inspires A Times Square Flash Mob

Just a few short weeks ago, the young and young-at-heart headed to New York’s Times Square with one collective mission – to get down with Mickey Mouse! Apparently I was there just a few short blocks from all of the fun... I would have loved to see this adorable group of kids (and adults) with their dancing shoes on... children, parents and New Yorkers danced their way through the city’s iconic intersection in a surprise flash mob starring the … [Read more...]

Tomy’s Chuggington Die Cast Storm Maker Wilson’s Wild Ride Play Set Review

As a Chuggington Conductor I am excited to share one of the newest play sets in the line from Tomy... Wilson’s Wild Ride. I got my first peek of this at BlogHer in New York at the beginning of the month and was excited to get home and let the kids play with it. I am one of those moms that detests toys with a lot of set up time. I don’t mind helping out a bit and playing with them, but if it’s going to take me 15-30 minutes to assemble a toy … [Read more...]

Tollytots My First Disney Princess Birthday Doll Set

Tollytots My First Disney Princess Birthday Doll Set A special little girl in my life just celebrated her 2nd birthday. When we were offered to review the My First Disney Princess Birthday Set I knew we had to say yes. As you can see... Cinderella was an adorable baby! It’s party time! Nothing’s more magical than a baby’s first birthday. This festive set has everything your child needs to celebrate her the special day of her favorite Disney … [Read more...]

Joovy Race Car Ride-On Review

Joovy Race Car Ride-On Review With summer weather in full force my kids clamor on a daily basis to go outside and play. With our outside toy choices on the slim side, I was thrilled when Joovy agreed to send us a Race Car Ride-On to review. I was a little surprised at how small the box was when it arrived, but as you can see... everything was inside nearly fully assembled. After emptying the box onto the floor I was happy to see that I only … [Read more...]

JC Toys La NewBorn Baby Doll Review

JC Toys La NewBorn Baby Doll I am amazed how my 20 month little girl has taken on the mother role with her dolls at such a young age . So when JC Toys asked if I would like to review one of their La Newborn babies I was so excited for McKenna to have a new baby to look after. Everyday I was hoping it would come, it seemed to take forever for it to arrive... but the day came and McKenna's baby arrived. I showed her the box, and she squealed … [Read more...]