All They Want For Christmas | Emma & Ethan’s Top Toys for 2012

buzz lightyearThe toy catalogs are arriving and my younger kids are spending hours sifting through, over and over, circling all of their wants and dreams. Once upon a time all Josh ever wanted was a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas. Now his list is full of crazy expensive items like HD televisions, an Xbox 360, camcorders and laptops.

Having two “sets” of children my holiday shopping list has a wide variety of items on it. The younger children are still very much into toys… including this years “hot” toys.

Here’s a short list of what Emma & Ethan think are this years toy must haves…

  1. Vtech Innotab2 Learning App Tablet : Emma says this one is better because it plays MP3s (she loves listening to music)
  2. Air Hogs Hover Assault : Ethan wants this r/c because it functions on both land and air.
  3. Furby : Yes, he’s back. Emma & Ethan both love animated creatures that talk back to them.
  4. Laser Pegs : Building / construction toys that light up… the best of both worlds!
  5. Lego / Duplo Princess : FINALLY building toys for girls!
  6. Matchbox Fire Truck Toys : Ethan is obsessed with fire trucks right now. Matchbox Smokey the Fire Truck is at the top of Ethan’s list.
  7. Hot Wheels Terrain Twister : This r/c toy functions on just about any surface… grass, concrete… even sand!
  8. Big Wheels : It’s the original re-made! Remember the endless fun you had on your big wheel? Now your kids can enjoy it, too!
  9. Lalaloopsy : Anything Lalaloopsy is on Emma’s list.
  10. Fisher Price Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage : Ethan was entranced with this toy at his cousins house. They “pump” up the cars and push a button to make them go. The curve propels them onto their wheels and they do tricks.

There you have it! A hot list created by the wants and dreams of my 4 and 6 year old!



  1. Michelle Feliciano says

    Great list. I am thinking of getting my nephew one of those tablets.

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