Homemade Multi-Purpose Cleaners | Adding Essential Oils

My husband and I recently had a discussion about the amount of cleaners under our kitchen sink. There seems to be a cleaner for everything, but after reading the ingredient labels we just don’t feel good about using them or even having them in the house anymore. We have been on a mission for effective & efficient homemade cleaners that aren’t toxic to our children or the environment. My goal was to find one cleaner to do many jobs. This is … [Read more...]

Hand Print Art & Kids Crafts

I’ve recently run into this fabulous online craft supplies store, Factory Direct Craft, that has all of our crafting needs. The site is really cool with a variety of supplies and a great crafting blog full of creative things to do with the kids that you can actually turn into artwork! They have complicated ones that involve multiple steps and tools to simple ones that involve paints, ice trays and food coloring.   I let Emma and Ethan … [Read more...]

Controlling Blood Sugars & Beating Insulin Resistance

About 17 years ago I was diagnosed with insulin resistance. Basically, when I eat carbs or sugar my body will produce a normal amount of insulin. Unfortunately this insulin is not efficient at lowering blood sugars. This is actually called “pre diabetes” by some. I was having a difficult time losing weight… as a matter of fact weight gain was slowly creeping up on me at a rate of about 10 pounds a year. I have tried several diets in an effort to … [Read more...]

Socially Know | Protection For Your Socially Active Kids

SociallyKnow is a simple program that helps parents keep tabs on things like bullying, sharing sexually explicit texts or photos, suicidal messages, physically or verbally abusive language, or anything questionable in nature. The program monitors your children’s social interactions in real time, sifting through the often-voluminous clutter to flag key words, phrases and photos that merit your attention. Always be in the know. Socially Know … [Read more...]

Peace of Mind | Help At the Push of a Button

Out of the past twenty days, my Dad has had three brain surgeries… is due for one more… and has been hospitalized for thirteen days out of those twenty. We are still looking at another five to fourteen days until the infectious disease doctors release him for his final surgery. I am certain he is going to come out of this happy and well, but I am concerned for his medical well being at home. He is a proud man and will deny there is something … [Read more...]

Uprinting.com Spread Your Message | #WIN a Kindle Fire Book Reader–Tablet Combo | #GIVEAWAY | [CLOSED]

  I’ve recently been in the market for printing services and have done my fair share of searching. I found a great resource at Uprinting and I thought I should share it! Before I was a blogger, I carried “family” cards. I always got surprised looks and “Why haven’t I thought of that?!” remarks when I would hand one to a new acquaintance. I knew from experience that hand written numbers on torn off shreds of paper tend to get lost easily. … [Read more...]

Help Finding Direction & Someone to Just Listen

I’m at a point in my life that I feel like I am being pulled in several different directions, I am being forced to make decisions for my Dad years before I ever thought I would, I wonder if I am being a good parent to my four children and I wonder if I am being the best partner for my husband of almost 24 years. Many people visit counselors, psychologists and other medical professionals to listen to them, give advice or prescribe medication to … [Read more...]

SociallyKnow | Added Security For Your Socially Active Kids

My kids have been on Facebook for what seems like forever. I haven’t always been the most technically savvy person and thought that as long as I was their “friend” I could keep track of what was going on with them. Little did I know that with a simple click they could exclude my eyes from any post or photo they wanted. I hadn’t even begun to think about private chats! SociallyKnow is a simple program that helps parents keep tabs on things like … [Read more...]

Playdate Planet | $50 Amazon #GIVEAWAY

Playing phone tag in efforts to schedule a playdate for your kids can be frustrating. Because I stay home with my children (and they don’t go to pre-school), having the occasional playdate is important for their social development. Finding a quick, easy and less stressful way to “get the group” together without leaving messages like “Tag! You’re it!”… is a heavenly idea. Playdate Planet was created for that specific reason… to schedule playdates … [Read more...]

Is Your Food Storage Ready For An Emergency?

We have had an incredibly light winter this year… barely any snow or storms. When the weather man mentioned that we might have a winter storm headed my way my head went into complete panic mode. I’ve been so busy trying to keep tabs on my Dad and catching up on my responsibilities here at the house that I’ve let our cupboards and fridge run low on supplies. I grew up with a slightly pessimistic family. We could always see the bad side to every … [Read more...]