Controlling Blood Sugars & Beating Insulin Resistance

About 17 years ago I was diagnosed with insulin resistance. Basically, when I eat carbs or sugar my body will produce a normal amount of insulin. Unfortunately this insulin is not efficient at lowering blood sugars. This is actually called “pre diabetes” by some. I was having a difficult time losing weight… as a matter of fact weight gain was slowly creeping up on me at a rate of about 10 pounds a year.

diabetes-reversal-diet-veganI have tried several diets in an effort to bring down my weight and avoid insulin triggering foods. I’ve tried Atkins, Carb Addicts… any low carb diet I could get my hands on. I’m slowly winning the battle. My weight is now 100 pounds lighter than it was 9 years ago. Although I am making head way, but I would like to lose a little more to get to my most “comfortable” weight.

After a little investigating I found the diabetes diet plan. I figured if I had “pre diabetes”… maybe going on a diabetic diet might help me avoid full fledged diabetes. My main goal is to keep a stable blood sugar. I’ve learned over the past 9 years what items might trigger a reaction in me. Switching to whole grains balanced properly with proteins keeps me fuller longer and my blood sugar level. Regular check-ups to monitor blood sugar levels are essential for effectively managing diabetes and preventing complications. Through telemedicine for diabetes, healthcare providers can remotely monitor blood sugar levels, provide counseling on diet and lifestyle modifications, adjust medication regimens, and offer support to patients without the need for in-person visits.

I have almost altogether stopped counting calories and I have become a label reader. Besides the fact that I try not to purchase items that contain a long list of ingredients I have no idea what they are… I also try to limit carbohydrates, especially refined sugars. When I do eat a carbohydrate, I choose “complex” carbs that include fiber like whole grain breads and tortillas. Our old friend the potato hasn’t been on our table in ages. Adding more fresh vegetables to my diet and avoiding foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol has become a way of life as well. It’s not a “lose it quick” way of life, but I am healthier and feel better than I have in ages and I haven’t had a quick blood sugar drop in ages!


  1. c says

    Same with me as far as carbs go. I do not do well on them and have RA which it makes worse-I get all puffy. I need to exercise every day and I use almond meal to bake-no grains or starches. I use coconut oil and butter. I have found saturated fats are not bad, like they tell you-it is the carbs. Even so, I do not eat carbs and I feel so much better. I also take certain supplements which help. Hubby finally has normal blood pressure since going off carbs-grains and starches, and is off all meds. It works for us. We are 56 and 58.
    I like Dr. Mercola and get his emails. He says much about this.

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