Is Your Food Storage Ready For An Emergency?

We have had an incredibly light winter this year… barely any snow or storms. When the weather man mentioned that we might have a winter storm headed my way my head went into complete panic mode. I’ve been so busy trying to keep tabs on my Dad and catching up on my responsibilities here at the house that I’ve let our cupboards and fridge run low on supplies.

10031_View_1I grew up with a slightly pessimistic family. We could always see the bad side to every situation before the good. Hearing about a storm coming with the possibility of being stuck in the house… heck, even worse what if the electricity went out… I’m not sure how long or what I could feed my family for any length of time.

I did a little looking around tonight with the mindset of having food insurance. What is that you ask? That is having a backup plan. I found a way to stock up on shelf stable, freeze dried and dehydrated gourmet entrees that don’t expire for 25 years. Incredible, right?

720-servings-complete-mealEmergency food preparedness has come a long way from the old emergency rations. It is appetizing, has a wide variety to choose from and they even offer gluten free meals now!

So, although I’m not waiting for the atom bomb to drop… if we were to be without electricity or if we were snowed in and weren’t prepared, I know I could turn to these and know that my family was getting adequate nutrition in an emergency.

I’m looking into a 180 serving bucket. Using the calculator provided, this should last my family about 12-18 days. Having an insurance plan like that would put my mind at ease.

Have you considered an emergency food preparedness package?



  1. Interesting. I will have to look into that.

  2. Gina H. says

    This is a very good idea. I live in CA & we need to be prepared for earthquakes!

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