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Out of the past twenty days, my Dad has had three brain surgeries… is due for one more… and has been hospitalized for thirteen days out of those twenty. We are still looking at another five to fourteen days until the infectious disease doctors release him for his final surgery. I am certain he is going to come out of this happy and well, but IMG_5301I am concerned for his medical well being at home. He is a proud man and will deny there is something wrong until the situation is nearly an emergency.

What if he can’t reach me when he decides he needs help?

We’ve all seen the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” commercials. Although I laughed at the scene, having a medical alert system in place can be life saving and I’ve considered looking into one for my Dad.

A senior medical alarm could give him a little more freedom without my constant checking in on him. I know it has to be annoying to have someone calling to see if you are okay. At some point, though, there has to be a give and take… right? If he insists on living alone and doesn’t want my constant doating… I need to find a way to have a little peace of mind while giving him the independence he still wants.

I’ve talked him into finally wearing a medical ID tag around his neck. Challenge one completed.

So for the time being he is going to have to accept my attention, doating, nagging… whatever he wants to call it. Hopefully he will know he is loved and cared for and accept it while he is on the mend.

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  1. ellen says

    I hope your Dad makes a full recovery and is back to being himself soon- he sounds like he is feisty which is a good thing when you are sick and fighting to get well!!

    Its tough when parents need help- no matter our age we are always their children and it is hard for them to let go a bit.

    My thoughts are with you !

  2. Jill says

    So sorry about your dad… Hope all is well soon!

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