Six Fun Windows 8 Apps You NEED | #WindowsChampions

Six Fun Windows 8 Apps You NEED So you are finally getting the hang of the new Windows platform and you’re ready to add on a few new apps to spice things up. But where to start? Here are a few that we thought are must haves... from cooking and weather to toddler apps. Yumvy Free This cooking companion app makes cooking sophisticated, restaurant-quality meals at home fun, fast, and easy. YumvY will walk you through the process … [Read more...]

Declutter Your Inbox With #WindowsChampions

Declutter Your Inbox With   I am a wanna be organista. Seriously. If you know me, you’re probably laughing right now. Why? Because I have over 400,000 emails piled in my Gmail account. It’s a huge mess that will probably end up in a mass delete. Up until recently I had been downloading my emails to the program Outlook. I was able to sort and file a little, but I tend to leave emails in my inbox thinking I will get back to … [Read more...]

Microsoft Wireless Mobile 3500 Mouse

Microsoft Wireless Mobile 3500 Mouse Taking your laptop on the go can prove to be a cumbersome activity. I’m sure I am not alone in the fact that I detest the trackpad on my laptop and prefer to use a wireless mouse. I am much more efficient and get less frustrated doing so. The key to portability is size and the Microsoft Wireless Mobile 3500 Mouse is just right. You'll appreciate how this wireless mobile mouse comfortably fits your … [Read more...]

Getting to Know the HTC 8x Windows Phone | #Troop8X #HTC8

Getting to Know the HTC 8x Windows Phone The all new Windows phone 8X by HTC is here! Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC. What's so great about it? It features a super wide angle, front facing camera which is great for self portraits and even group Skype calls. The built-in 2.0 lens, back-side illumination and ImageChip make sure your photos come out great in any light. It has Beats Audio which … [Read more...]

I’ve Joined #Troop8x | Windows 8X Phone by HTC #HTC8

New Windows 8X HTC Phone Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.   I think it would be fair to say I am a smart phone virgin.  I've always had fairly basic phones and don't quite get what all the hype is about.  My husband has an awesome phone, but because he always has it on him I never get to play with it.  I *just* learned how to make a call on it over the weekend and he's had it for … [Read more...]

Windows 8 is HERE! #WindowsChampions

Yesterday, October 26th, Microsoft made Windows 8 available to the public. I had to pleasure of playing with Windows 8 a few months back at BlogHer ‘12. My first reaction was that this platform is going to be easy for almost everyone to pick up. I had one particular person in mind that has a difficult time learning new things. Having all of the app tiles (also known as charms) on the home page makes it as simple as click and go. The … [Read more...]

Microsoft Live Webcast At BlogHer Recap | What’s New For Microsoft | Upgrade Offer & Back 2 School FREE XBOX

I think I am finally catching my breath after our whirlwind weekend at BlogHer! There is so much to tell everyone about, but first off I would love to share some of the fun Microsoft tidbits I learned! Windows 8—I spent an hour with Windows reps learning a little bit about Windows 8 that is due to launch October 26th. I got to see it in motion and also played with it a tiny bit. To be honest, I even teared up a bit while playing with it (yes, … [Read more...]

What’s New With Microsoft Hardware | Mice & Keyboards

** New Microsoft Hardware ** During our visit to New York and BlogHer, we were also lucky enough to get to see some of the new Microsoft hardware available now (and soon). We actually saw the Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Keyboard, but I’ve heard a little about the other items and am excited to play with them all. Anything to save space but keep me productive is a win-win in my book. If you are still in the market for accessories for Back to … [Read more...]

Arc Touch Mouse & LifeCam Studio Webcam RV $160 [CLOSED GIVEAWAY]

BlogHer ‘12 begins Thursday August 2, 2012 and I will be there! As you know, I have been blogging for the Windows Champions program for the past year. I am super excited to attend the Microsoft Live Webcast on Friday August 3rd at 12pm EST and you should be, too! Why is that, you ask? Because one Style & Trends with Microsoft at home participant is going to win a Samsung Slate! I’m hoping it will be one of OurKidsMom’s … [Read more...]

Are You Going to BlogHer? | Do You Need A Makeover?

5 lucky BlogHer attendees are going to have the time of their lives. Why? Because... The Windows team will be choosing five deserving women to win a $1,500 style makeover by a celebrity stylist, receive a new PC and more. Sounds incredible, huh? To enter, you need to nominate yourself or a fellow attendee for the dream makeover of a lifetime. Here’s how: Simply post a video blog (or vlog), a blog post or create a Pinterest board that … [Read more...]