Shameless Season One on DVD/Blu-Ray | To Leave or Not to Leave

Set your DVR… Season 2 premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime. Throughout the 1st Season, we see a lot of hardship but it usually ends with a twist of humor and close family ties. At the end of Season 1, we find Steve trying to convince Fiona, the oldest daughter, to skip town with him to the warm and beautiful/care-free Costa Rica. This kind of lifestyle would surely be a great change for Fiona, but after initially deciding to go … [Read more...]

Shameless Season One on DVD/Blu-Ray | Your Advice to Fiona?

Don’t forget… Season 2 premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime. Frank Gallagher tends to spend every penny he can muster at the bar. If you could take just a portion of that money and give it to his daughter Fiona, what would you tell her to do with it? Take a long, much needed vacation? Invest in a new house? Feed the family for a year? Etc... I think the poor child needs a break… a vacation alone! I have a fairly “normal” life … [Read more...]

Shameless Season One : I-Never Challenge

Season 2 premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.  The DVD of Season 1 will be released December 27th. The Gallagers are a beyond funny crew and are shameless beyond apology. Seriously, where else can you see a sibling stealing a baby or the dad being brought home drunk by the police? The entire first season of Shameless is full of these types of  'Shameless' moments. The I-Never challenge is a selection of short video clips … [Read more...]

Shameless The Complete First Season Now on Blu-Ray/DVD

Frank Gallagher leaves his eldest daughter Fiona to hold down the house, donning the proverbial apron and making sure her younger siblings do their chores, keep a clean(ish) house and stay fed. Fiona, in a difficult position being the eldest of the Gallagher children, takes the responsibility of child-rearing which often results in humorous outcomes. For example: in Ep. 4, the middle Gallagher child Debbie, after becoming depressed with her … [Read more...]

2 Broke Girls : Hard Work Pays Off : People’s Choice Awards Nominee 2012

In 2 Broke Girls, Max and Caroline’s dream of opening their own cupcake business. They realize that dreams may come true through an honest (and hard) day’s work. I think many people have the dream of opening their own business, of being their own boss. I’ve known a couple of people personally that have started their own business or even purchased and taken over one. It is difficult (and time consuming) work being your “own boss” but so … [Read more...]

WB’s Two Broke Girls Nominated for People’s Choice Awards 2012 : FAVORITE New Comedy : I AGREE!

The People's Choice Awards 2012 nominees have been announced! The WBTV has several nominees, but one of my favorites is Two Broke Girls. Kaytlin and I just happened on the first showing of Two Broke Girls. The character Max caught our attention immediately. She is cute, funny, blunt, to the point and not afraid to speak her mind. She is a working class girl that has never been handed anything. Then Caroline walked in. She is a high class … [Read more...]

V The Complete Second Season on DVD : To Trust or Not To Trust

In episode 9, Anna tries to bliss a human. She is elated that she can control humans the same way she does Visitors. Now she simply has to bliss the humans into listening to her in order to gain total control of Earth. If aliens were to come to Earth, do you imagine they would be peaceful or manipulative and treacherous like Anna, what would you do? Would you trust them until given a reason not to or would you distrust them until proven … [Read more...]

V The Complete Second Season on DVD : Throwing Rocks & Glass Houses

Hobbes constantly calls Ryan out as a traitor even though his treachery has far worse consequences. Not only has Hobbes killed humans, he slept with Erica and then indirectly caused the death of Erica's ex-husband Joe. Question: Have you ever been in a situation where someone regardless of their own actions kept pointing out what you were doing wrong? How did you bring this to light or work around it to move forward? I’ve been told time and … [Read more...]

V The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray/DVD

In the series finale, the 5th Column is crushed in a failed coup against Anna. A new human opposition force has entered the picture called Aries Project. All humans above ground are blissed and fall under Anna's spell just as the V Armada approaches. An evil twin Lisa has been created who seduces Tyler becomes impregnated by him and then murders him. Lisa the Visitor Princess is imprisoned after an attack on her Mother's life and Anna kills her … [Read more...]

The Big Bang Theory in Syndication 5 Nights a Week!

In episode 1 of season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny go on their first date. Both feel insecure about the date and unbeknownst to them both, each of them has feelings for the other. When Leonard learns of Penny’s insecurity about her intelligence, he gives her brochures to a local community college and tells her he is fine dating a girl who isn’t smart. Penny abruptly slams the door in his face. I absolutely love the naivety of … [Read more...]