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4208aae1fd_Shameless blurayFrank Gallagher leaves his eldest daughter Fiona to hold down the house, donning the proverbial apron and making sure her younger siblings do their chores, keep a clean(ish) house and stay fed. Fiona, in a difficult position being the eldest of the Gallagher children, takes the responsibility of child-rearing which often results in humorous outcomes. For example: in Ep. 4, the middle Gallagher child Debbie, after becoming depressed with her Aunt’s passing, decides to steal a toddler from a birthday party. Fiona and the rest of the siblings devise a plan to return the boy to his family while going unnoticed by the increased police presence in the area.

Just like Fiona, I had to put on the apron and take on the child care role for a few years of my adolescence. My parents were going through their split, my mom went back to college so she could support us in the long run and I took on the mommy role with my baby sister while my mom was gone or was studying (which was pretty much most of the daylight hours).  Although my sister never did anything like stealing a baby.

Can you relate with Fiona as well? Share your comments and/or stories with us below, and help to support the release of Shameless: Season 1 on DVD!

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Disclosure:I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Shameless Season One on DVD.


  1. This is a nutty show! I like it though. Raw and real.

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