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Set your DVR… Season 2 premieres on Sun, Jan 8 at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime.

Throughout the 1st Season, we see a lot of hardship but it usually ends with a twist of humor and close family ties. At the end of Season 1, we find Steve trying to convince Fiona, the oldest daughter, to skip town with him to the warm and beautiful/care-free Costa Rica. This kind of lifestyle would surely be a great change for Fiona, but after initially deciding to go with Steve, she changes her mind and stays with the hard yet humorous, family-oriented life. If you were in her situation, what would you do? Would you leave your ‘no collar’ Shameless life but abandon your family to start anew? Or would you let your love and a chance at renewal slip away? Describe and relate back to Season 1. 

Personally it would be a tug of war match with myself. On one hand, she deserves to have her own life and the stresses that she has to endure at such a young age are shameful. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to abandon her family that needs her. I think I would have decided like her, to stay. At least until my younger siblings were old enough to take responsibility for themselves.

What would you do in that situation? What do you think Fiona should have done?

You can purchase Season One on DVD and Blu-ray 

Shameless – ‘We Have a Proposition’ by thewbdotcom

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Shameless Season One on DVD.


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    Tonight’s the night. My DVR is set just in case I get busy. 🙂

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