Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe   In our quest to eat healthier/cleaner we tossed many many items into the trash. Chocolate syrup was one of the casualties, which made Emma & Ethan sad kidlets. They are addicted to their chocolate milk every morning. This made my mission even more important to find a cleaner healthier option for their morning pick me up. I found this recipe at Loving The Bike, which went on to mention the antioxidant … [Read more...]

Our Move to Healthier Living | Clean Eating, GMOs and Life

Our Move to Healthier Living | Clean Eating, GMOs and Life About a year and a half ago, I decided to try the 30 day no meat challenge. My oldest daughter and husband had been vegetarians for some time at that point and I figured if they could do it, I could do it. The 30 days flew by and it really wasn’t a huge challenge for me as I had both of them to help guide me through with food choices and for support. I continued to eat 95% vegetarian … [Read more...]

Homemade Hummus Recipe | Super Bowl Anyone?

Homemade Hummus Recipe | Super Bowl Anyone? Hummus has been a staple in our household for several years now. I was very resistant, at first, to try it. I mean seriously... ground up chickpeas? But OH MY HEAVENS it can be SO GOOD with pretzels, carrots, celery... heck any vegetable or cracker really. I’ve been known to have hummus for breakfast with cucumbers. Yep. It’s an addiction. There are many “good” store bought options available, but I … [Read more...]

Clean Eating | Slow Cooker Lentil & Rice Casserole Recipe

Clean Eating | Slow Cooker Lentil & Rice Casserole Recipe I found this recipe the other day while looking for another soup to share. The original poster intended for this to be a “soup”, but with barely any liquid remaining in our batch... we dubbed it a casserole. This recipe has hints of Indian food without the knock you over spice. Everyone loved it and there were a few “words” over the last left-over.     Print 5.0 from … [Read more...]

New Year …. New Changes | Shift in Duties | More Recipes & MORE

New Year .... New Changes If you are a regular reader of OurKidsMom, you might have noticed that our normal activity level has dropped significantly over the past few weeks. I had intended it to just last through the holiday break so I could enjoy having my entire family home at the same time but it somehow ended up being almost an entire month of slow activity. You know something is up when there are only 3-6 giveaways going at once, right? … [Read more...]