Ben 10 Omniverse for Nintendo Wii

Ben 10 Omniverse for Nintendo Wii PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Ben 10: Omniverse™ is the only video game based on the highly-anticipated, Cartoon Network TV series, Ben 10: Omniverse.  The brand-new show spans two time periods between Young and Teen Ben Tennyson, and introduces a hero sidekick, Rook. In the new action game, players can play as both Young and Teen Ben, switch forms between 13 playable alien heroes, including new aliens like Bloxx … [Read more...]

Victorious – Taking the Lead Wii game

Victorious - Taking the Lead Wii game   PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: For the first time, fans can play as Tori Vega (played by teen star Victoria Justice) in Victorious: Taking the Lead™, a video game based on the hit Nickelodeon television series, Victorious!  Hang out with the entire Hollywood Arts crew and be immersed into the world of Victorious as Tori tries to win the starring role in an upcoming school play against school rival … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide | Kmart’s Fab 15 Toys | Air Hogs R/C–Hover Assault

Kmart’s Fab 15 Toys | Air Hogs R/C – Hover Assault Conquer the ground and command the sky with the Air Hogs Hover Assault! It’s the ultimate fusion of ground and air R/C technology. Explore terrain that no other vehicle can as you drive, jump and fly this powerful hybrid R/C. Speed across the ground as you engage the intelligent propeller system and hop or soar over obstacles. Fire quick bursts of aerial navigation or launch your way … [Read more...]

Happy 65th Birthday Shoney’s!

 Happy 65th Birthday Shoney's! Shoney’s was one of the first family casual dining concepts in the United States. Its roots trace back to 1947, when Alex Shoney Schoenbaum opened the Parkette Drive-In next to his fathers bowling alley in Charleston, W.Va. Today, Nashville-based Shoneys is a favorite family casual dining destination, with approximately 200 restaurants in 17 states across the South and Southeast, reaching everyone … [Read more...]

CuddleUppets | Blankets That are Puppets

CuddleUppets, the blankets that are puppets. You can play all day and sleep the night away. ******** Here we go again!  My Mikenah loves her ladybugs & of course wanted the CuddleUppets ladybug the second she saw it.  I knew that she wouldn't let me forget this one & am so glad I got the chance to review it! I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when the ladybug CuddleUppet came to my door.  My first … [Read more...]

Micro Chargers Loop Stunt Track Review

Micro Chargers Loop Stunt Track Electronic Quick Charge Cars Ready, set, race with the Micro Chargers™ Loop Track! Micro Chargers perform gravity-defying stunts on this track set! Challenge your friends to see whose Stunt Car is the fastest as your Micro Chargers race the stretch, tackle the loop and then slingshot back to take on the loop again. Micro Chargers is one of the top toys my 12 year old wants for Christmas this year. He has a … [Read more...]

Stompeez – Slippers with Personality Review

Stompeez - Slippers with Personality   Stompeez are the comfy, fun slippers that will leave your kids eager to take their shoes off at the door! They will be Stomp, Stomp, Stomping their way to fun in no time, because with each stomp of the foot, Stompeez reveals the playful Stompeez character on the face of your slippers. Stompeez are colorful! Stompeez are soft! Stompeez are fluffy! Stompeez are also built to last and provide many STOMPING … [Read more...]

Blingles – Accessory Pack Review

Blingles - Accessory Pack Create a stunning photo frame, trinket box, key ring and more with the Blingles™Accessory Pack! Personalize and decorate these accessories with your favorite Blingles™designs! Make them your own and Bling them to Life! Simply design it, press it and Bling it! ************ Michaela, my 10 year old, loves decorating everything she owns.  When she can bling it out, it's even better.  She is … [Read more...]

Classic Battleship – Movie Edition Review

Classic Battleship - Movie Edition Product Description from You are at the helm in the fight for the future of the planet. Will you command the Alien Fleet or defend the Human Navy? Scan the battlefield for locations to conceal your highly-detailed, movie-based ships. Then, brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Choose from three game variations for … [Read more...]

Kre-O Battleship – Combat Chopper Review

Kre-O Battleship - Combat Chopper From Pretend to take your mission to the sky! The only thing standing between the alien and conquest is the KRE-O COMBAT CHOPPER – an aerial battle vehicle that you can equip with enough firepower to blast any enemy out of the sky. With two firing missiles, and rotor blades that really spin, this awesome aircraft is capable of out-fighting anything in the air – especially with you and the … [Read more...]