Laser Pegs Light Up Building Construction Set

Laser Pegs The Ultimate Toy For Kids - Light up building construction set   My 12-year-old's room is over-run with Legos & other construction type blocks/pieces.  He absolutely loves playing with Legos, so I knew Micah would really like the Laser Pegs.  To sum them up quickly & easily, they are like Legos that light up.  What kid doesn't like light up toys? Light Up Building Construction Set - Laser Pegs - Robots (20 … [Read more...]

Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots Battle Arena: Viridia Vs. Tronikon Review

Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots Battle Arena: Viridia Vs. Tronikon Before recently seeing an advertisement for Hexbugs, I wasn't really sure what they were.  My son has asked for them before, but my kids ask for toys all the time.  It seems like especially near Christmas, they want every toy on every commercial.  So, when I got the chance to review Hexbugs, I thought, "Why not?".  I figured it will give me a chance to really find out what … [Read more...]

Waverly & the Magic Seashells

Waverly & the Magic Seashells    My youngest, Mikenah, loves mermaids & playing with small figurines of all kinds.  Waverly & the Magic Seashells is a great toy set for her because it combines both worlds.  She can play with the mermaids separately or with the Magic Seashell to unlock secret lights and sounds. Welcome to the magical world of Azarella, where real mermaids live and play together! Azarella is hidden deep … [Read more...]

Cubby CarryAll Purse Review

Cubby CarryAll Purse Women carry around their whole life in their purse – I’m sure you think of yours as an extension of yourself (I know I do!). However, nothing is more frustrating than when you’re lugging around multiple bags for work, lunch, workouts and kids. The Cubby CarryAll is the perfect solution for busy moms because they can fit everything into one bag.  The Cubby CarryAll has an innovative design that is stylish and … [Read more...]

LapFit The Eat, Work, Play Tray Review

LapFit... The Eat, Work, Play Tray   Features: Standard or child-size drink cup holders Large food areas Juice box holder Ketchup/condiment tray Sauce holder Easyfit desktop cover with recessed pencil/crayon holder Leg mounts to keep from sliding Comes in 3 colors - blue, pink & red Comes in 2 sizes - toddler & junior (Coming soon...Teens/Tweens & Pro)       It's no secret that when … [Read more...]

Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted Review

Honey Bunches of Oats - Honey Roasted flavor Our original flavor, Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted is the perfect combination of crispy flakes and tasty, crunchy oat clusters with just a touch of honey. Honey Bunches of Oats comes in 9 flavors to satisfy any appetite.  You can choose from:  Honey Roasted, Almonds, Cinnamon Bunches, Pecan Bunches, 3 Kinds of Raisins, Real Strawberries, Vanilla Bunches, Fruit Blends - Banana Blueberry, … [Read more...]

Celebrate International Bacon Day! | Smithfield Bacon Prize Pack [CLOSED #GIVEAWAY]

Celebrate International Bacon Day with Smithfield Bacon Smithfield is famous for smoking and curing fine meats to perfection, giving our bacon a rich flavor that can only be attained by the natural smoking process. Available in a wide variety of flavors and packages including low sodium and less fat. For more than two centuries, the colonial town of Smithfield, Virginia, founded in 1752, has been shipping the finest hams to satisfied … [Read more...]

Ocufresh from Optics Lab Review

Ocufresh Eye Wash Up until very recently, my husband & I have worn contacts for many years.  I wear the soft disposable contacts & David was wearing the gas permeable hard contacts up until 3 days ago.  He just had Lasik surgery done & getting to review Ocufresh eye wash was perfect timing!  Also, it's always allergy season at our house & it seems there's always someone who needs eye drops/wash. We received a great tote … [Read more...]

K’NEX MarioKart – Mario vs Piranha Plant Building Set Review

K'NEX MarioKart - Mario vs Piranha Plant Building Set Imaginations can soar with the K'NEX Mario Kart Mario vs Piranha Plant Building Set.  With 126 pieces, your children can build Yoshi, a sprinter kart, a Lava Plume obstacle and two collectible items.  It includes 6 pieces of track to race the car on.  This track can connect to other Wii K'NEX racing sets to make one huge race track.  Ages 6+  Requires 2 AA batteries. ************* My … [Read more...]

#WIN | Dali Wall Decals Review

Dali Wall Decals From  Instantly transform any room with a unique wall decal customized and made to order just for you! Wall decals are quicker, easier, and less expensive than painting. Our wall decals look painted on once installed. Plus, you can remove our wall decals at any time! We include step-by-step instructions and an application squeegee with every wall decal order. Our representatives are available around … [Read more...]