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Four Places To Take Your Tweens Before They Grow Up 

Kids grow up fast. In a blink of an eye, you will be getting ready to send them to college or fixing them up for their wedding, crying tears of joy in front of the altar. Every parent wants to make the most of their child’s youth; kids are naturally sweet, thoughtful, loving and don’t judgment anyone.   Before you miss the chance to bond with them while they are still young, you need to take every opportunity to introduce them to the beautiful … [Read more...]

Summer is Trendy at The Children’s Place

Summer is Trendy at The Children’s Place I recently received this trend report in my inbox from The Children’s Place. As you have learned from my previous reviews, we absolutely love their clothing!  As I slowly scrolled through the graphics I made my mental shopping list and put a bug in the rep’s ear. I was a happy camper when she asked if Emma and Ethan would like to review a few of the “trend report” items! Here was June’s Trend Report. As … [Read more...]

Easter Fashion and Accessories at The Children’s Place and Tiny Tillia by Avon | #ad

Easter Fashion at The Children’s Place and Tiny Tillia by Avon Last month I shared a few pieces from The Children’s Place spring line. Both Emma and Ethan love how comfortable the clothing is, how they have pieces they like (I let them help pick their clothes now) and I love that they are affordable and how they wear well. When I caught a glimpse of their Easter offerings I was excited to share with you! The Children’s Place From Sunday … [Read more...]

Spring Collection From The Children’s Place

Spring Collection From The Children’s Place It’s hard to believe it’s still winter. Here in Missouri, early February, our temperatures have been in the 50’s and 60’s. Plain crazy. Fortunately, The Children’s Place has their spring line available for purchase! Both Emma & Ethan have already grown so much since last summer that most of their summer clothes don’t fit right. We received their new outfits right in the middle of another heat … [Read more...]

#WIN Spring Styles At The Children’s Place Review | $50 gc #GIVEAWAY | ends 5/1 | #rafflecopter

Spring Styles At The Children’s Place Recently I had the kids put on a fashion show for me. Not a fashion show of new clothing, but their clothes from last spring and summer. They love to do this every season and we decide what to keep and what’s too small. Our fashion show this season created a nice big “garage sale” pile and a much smaller keep pile. Our first stop for new clothes was The Children's Place. I love that they have the latest … [Read more...]

Emmys Celebs Are Kids Again, Thanks To The Children’s Place : Critter Hat GIVEAWAY : [CLOSED] : #rafflecopter

It’s pre-Emmy time in LA. This past weekend some of Hollywood’s finest stopped by to pick up must-haves from The Children’s Place. The A-listers favorite items from the fashion value brand?  Knit animal hats for girls and graphic tees for boys!  Clamoring for the hats and tees, the stars picked up pieces for their kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews and shared their excitement over the collection: “This is something … [Read more...]

The Children’s Place : Children’s Clothing Review

 Emma has gone from not caring what she wears, to having a definite opinion… she is now my little fashionista. She even does turns in front of her mirror when she tries on clothes so she can catch a glimpse from every angle. So when The Children’s Place agreed to a review, I was thrilled… for Emma. I have always loved their clothing. They take the trendy styles and make them less provocative and more appropriate for our little fashion loving … [Read more...]

Ebates is Celebrating Mommy Madness | $100 Cash #GIVEAWAY | [CLOSED] | #rafflecopter

It’s Mommy Madness at Ebates from March 2- March 13. What does that mean for YOU? That means several stores are offering higher %ages back up to double cash back! To celebrate, Ebates is offering one OurKidsMom reader $100 CASH deposited into their Ebates account (which is then sent to your home in check form). The winner must be a registered Ebates member … but that only takes a few seconds and it’s free to join! … [Read more...]

Weekly Winners : SEVEN New Winners! Are YOU One?!

Congratulations to this weeks winners! First, I want to say congratulations to this weeks winners! There is a nice big slew of you this time around! Next, I don’t say this often… but this week I need to. There were winning entries that were disqualified because when I went to confirm (for example: I receive your emails), the weren’t “doing” that entry. I do check… so make sure you are doing them when you enter! Now… on to the winners! … [Read more...]

Preventing Your Teen from Getting Behind the Wheel While Impaired

Maybe it’s not legal in the U.S. for a teen to consume alcohol, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. When teens combine drinking with driving, the chances of getting into real trouble with the law spikes. So, too, does the opportunity for them to get into a car crash that can leave themselves or innocent passengers seriously injured or worse.   Should your teen happen to find him or herself on the wrong side of the law due to … [Read more...]