Four Places To Take Your Tweens Before They Grow Up 

Kids grow up fast. In a blink of an eye, you will be getting ready to send them to college or fixing them up for their wedding, crying tears of joy in front of the altar. Every parent wants to make the most of their child’s youth; kids are naturally sweet, thoughtful, loving and don’t judgment anyone.  

Before you miss the chance to bond with them while they are still young, you need to take every opportunity to introduce them to the beautiful things in this world, and show them what life has to offer. Though it’s never too early to start, the best age to travel with them is during their tweens, when they are still young enough to enjoy small things in life but old enough to understand a bit more about the world. Use this time to create wonderful memories that last a lifetime, because the hardest thing you have to do as a parent is learn to let go. 

Traveling is the best way to create memories, and the perfect chance to teach a thing or two about life. Following are some suggestions I’ve gathered for places to travel with your tweens before they get too old. 

Photo by Martin Permantier on Unsplash

Nature Preservations and National Parks 

Introduce your tweens to the natural beauty that exists everywhere in the world. Spending time in nature can reduce your stress level, increase your brain function, and promote positive feelings. It is beneficial for both you and your child, and can be a bridge to discuss environmental issues with your child. The importance of ecology and our effect on our environment is always relevant, especially for a child who is surrounded by technology. There are great places to indulge in nature, like the Denali National Park to see the mesmerizing northern lights or the incredible Grand Canyon to appreciate the magnitude and awesome power of mother nature. 

National Monuments 

Take your kids to national monuments. Monuments were erected to inspire nationalism and promote an appreciation of history. Today, the society is moving at such a fast pace that it is easy to forget the past. Teach them the value of the freedom they are experiencing right now, and other important lessons of the past. National monuments you should definitely visit are the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument. 

Another Country 

Traveling abroad with your tween exposes them to different cultures, traditions, food, languages and art. They’ll get to see how others dress in different countries, and share their own unique fashion sense. This experience can cultivate open-mindedness and an appreciation for diversity. It teaches them that the world outside their country as portrayed by media is not necessarily  dangerous, just different. The easy choice for traveling abroad is South East Asia for its widely diverse culture, inexpensive tourism and child-friendly activities. 


Museums are built to preserve and showcase great works of art, expose science and stimulate our minds. Visiting a museum will cultivate an environment for learning. It is important for kids to learn and appreciate art and learn more about science. Exposing the arts and sciences to your kids will help you teach them the importance of individuality, creativity and personal philosophy. Connecting them to science museums will provide more knowledge than any textbook can give. The best museums to visit are the National Museum of Natural History, the National Art Gallery, and The Phillips Collection.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Apart from making memories with your tweens before they grow up, traveling is also imperative for parents to make sure their kids  are well equipped to be the best version of themselves. According to Oliver James, a psychologist and author, family holidays are valued by children for many years after. What could be more important in the life of your child?

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