5 Ways To Hit The Ground Running After A Move

5 Ways To Hit The Ground Running After A Move If you’re moving to a new city, especially for a new job or after a breakup, you may be overwhelmed by how you’re going to manage it all. Whether you’re moving within the state or to another state, you need to be as organized as possible so that you can begin at full speed shortly after you get there. When you’re moving for a job, the timeline can be particularly nerve-wracking. You not only have … [Read more...]

25 Valentines Day Crafts and Gifts

25 Valentines Day Crafts and Gifts Our family was slow about putting the Christmas decorations away this year. I think maybe because it is still so snowy and frigid out, it still feels like Christmas. So in honor of putting away the tree, we’ve put together 25 fun Valentines Day crafts and gifts for you to create with your littles while trapped inside under this Polar Vortex. If you happen to dive in a create one (or two, or three) we'd love … [Read more...]

Hidden Kisses | Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Hidden Kisses | Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe With Valentines Day right around the corner, I thought I would dig through my recipe box and see what I could find. I ran across this recipe that I had clipped from a magazine probably 20+ years ago... and never made. So I gave it a chance... it combines chocolate chip cookies and Hershey’s Kisses... how could you go wrong, right? The ingredients are super simple... 1 bag (9 oz) Hershey’s … [Read more...]

5 Tips When Planning For A Cruise Vacation

One of the best modern vacation inventions has surely been the cruise—the ultimate solution to navigating your way through multiple holiday destinations. What makes the cruise so great is the sheer size and available activities on today’s ocean liners, which have everything you could ask for, from cinemas, clubs, and spas, to surfing pools, golf ranges, and climbing walls. So if you’re thinking of planning a holiday, here are 5 tips and reasons … [Read more...]

Red Hot Popcorn Recipe

Red Hot Popcorn Recipe Our family has had a addiction to cinnamon popcorn for years now. Mine started when my Dad would get tins of Topsy's popcorn delivered to the house for Christmas. It so incredibly delicious, but can get expensive when purchasing for six. This red hot popcorn recipe helps meet the craving without breaking the bank... plus you can use those adorable heart red hots for Valentine’s Day! Print 5.0 from 11 reviews … [Read more...]

10 Black Eyed Pea Recipes For The New Years Day

10 Black Eyed Pea Recipes For The New Years Day If you are celebrating New Years in the southeast or have a family history from that area, chances are you will be partaking in black eyed peas in some form or another. These flavorful legumes are said to bring luck and prosperity throughout the coming year when they are the first food eaten on New Year’s Day.  On our search for a delicious option we ran across many that I thought you might … [Read more...]

25 New Years Eve Party Ideas | Décor, Activites and Food

25 New Years Eve Party Ideas | Décor, Activites and Food   So you’ve decided to host the New Years Eve party for your friends and family... or maybe you just need a few ideas for a quiet night at home with the kids... now what? It’s time to start making your list of decorations, food and activities to keep the festivities going! Never fear... we’ve scoured the web in search of some fun, inviting, easy and entertaining ways to … [Read more...]

Juke 24 Portable, Digital Jukebox

I was just introduced to a music player I had never heard of before and I sure wish I had been sooner. Juke 24 has been the perfect music player for my daughter. She has been begging for her very own music player for a long time. She is 6 and I know an ipod would get lost within days, and I thought about a cd player, but lets get real she is 6 and those cds would never make it back into the case unscratched. When I first pulled the Juke 24 out of … [Read more...]

25 New Years Crafts for Kids

25 New Years Crafts for Kids   The kids are home from school, the gifts are unwrapped and already forgotten and a few “I’m bored”s have been heard. It’s time to break out the craft items and give the littles something to do! New Year Eve/Day celebrations are fun to craft for. Girls love the sparkle, boys love the noisemakers... and I love spending the time with them at the kitchen table creating memories and fun crafts to … [Read more...]

Include Your Dog In Your New Year’s Resolution

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Beneful. Setting a New Year's Resolution and sticking to it can be hard. This year, try something different. This year set a New Year's Resolution with your dog. After all, a dog is man's best friend- and you simply can't let your best friend down! But how do you set a resolution with a dog? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Find A New Hobby - Does fido enjoy being outside? Start hiking more. … [Read more...]