9 Things You Should Buy Before Getting a Cat 

Before you start getting your new cat home, you need to get all the stuff needed ready to go. These include a litter box, food and water bowls, food that they like, something for it to scratch on, toys, a cozy bed, brushes or combs for grooming, and maybe a carrier to take them to places. The fact that you have all these things ready means your new cat will be comfy and happy from the moment they set foot in their new home. 

Food and Water Dishes 

Setting up your cat for his first home is all about the food and water dishes. It’s as if you’re giving them their dining area. It doesn’t matter whether they prefer shallow dishes or deep ones; different cats fancy different things. Consider giving them a cat water fountain, which works like an indoor watering hole with circulating and purifying water. By providing your cat with fresh food and water whenever she wishes, she stays hydrated and healthy. 

Litter Box 

A litter box with cat litter ready for your new cat is as important as it is for any house cat. It’s essentially setting up their own personal bathroom for them. Ensure that a suitable type of litter box and litter are chosen for the comfort and cleanliness of your cat. The same should go with the daily cleaning and maintenance of the litter box to keep your feline quite content and in good health. 

Scratching Post 

Have your cat ready for a scratching post when they come home. Think of it as their designated stretch and scratch place that’ll help them maintain healthy claws and relieve stress. Make sure it’s a sturdy post covered in something your cat likes to scratch on, like sisal or carpet. Position the scratching post in a prominent location in order to encourage its use, rather than attacking your furniture. 

Cat Bed 

Having a cozy cat bed waiting for your new feline friend is important. This is like their personal retreat, providing them with a comfortable area to rest and relax. Pick a bed that is the right fit for your cat’s size and bed habits, whether they like to curl up or stretch out. Adding the bed to the quietest corner of your home should make your cat feel safe and secure. 


A varied collection of toys in place for your new cat will help them stay entertained and mentally stimulated. Toys are a conduit for your cat to exercise its hunting instinct and avoid boredom. Consider interactive toys like feather wands or laser pointers for the bonding sessions of playtime. As far as toys that are interactive, those where you chase, pounce, and bat can provide hours of enjoyment for your cat. Playtime will become different for your cat by rotating the toys regularly. 


Having a soft blanket ready for your new cat is thoughtful to make them feel comfortable and secure in their new home. It’s like their own cozy retreat, offering warmth and familiarity. Use a blanket made of cat-friendly materials such as fleece or microfiber and put it in a quiet corner or in their bed to provide them with a comfortable environment. Your cat may probably enjoy cuddling up with the blanket on for naps or find its scent too helpful to help them through stressful or settling-in times. 

Cat Carrier 

A cat carrier is one of those necessary things that you need when moving your newly adopted cat home and for all visits to the vet or any travel. It is like their own safe and secure mode of transportation, similar to a car seat for a baby. Make sure you choose a sturdy and comfortable carrier for your cat, with good ventilation and easy loading and unloading. Train your cat gradually to accept the carrier using positive reinforcement for less travel stress on both sides. 


Having a brush ready for your new cat is important to keep the cat’s coat healthy and reduce shedding. Think of it like giving them a gentle massage while removing loose fur and preventing mats. Choose a brush suitable for your cat’s fur type—short, long, or medium-length. Regular brushing sessions help keep your cat looking his best and strengthen your bond with him through grooming. 


It is important to attach a collar to your new cat for identification and safety purposes. It basically acts like a personal ID tag for them, so if they wander away, everyone will know their home. Make sure that the collar fits comfortably and securely, leaving enough room for two fingers to fit between the collar and your cat’s neck. Consider adding an ID tag with your contact information for lost feline situations. And with reflective or light-up collars, you can be sure that your cat remains visible at night, thus minimizing the risk of accidents. 

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