What To Do When There’s An Injury At Home

No one wants to find themselves injured but unfortunately, it can happen and one place it happens most is within the home. It’s therefore important to know what to do when an emergency happens.

How do you react? What is the best course of action to ensure the injury is contained and seen as quickly as possible? Here are some tips on what to do when there’s an injury at home.

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Don’t panic

First and foremost, try not to panic. It’s important that you’re keeping your breathing normal, whether it’s you who’s become injured or another person. Panicking is only going to make the situation a lot worse and if you are the one who is injured, you’re likely to get yourself into a worse state.

If a child is injured, it’s good to stay calm so that you’re not panicking, which may happen fairly easily. It’s good to practice slow and controlled breathing so that if you’re ever unlucky to find yourself in a situation like this, you’re going to make the situation less fraught. 

Identify the injury

It’s good to identify the injury before going any further. Sometimes, a fall onto the floor might only result in a bump or graze to the area but in other situations, it could result in a broken bone.

Identifying the injury can also be helpful when it comes to managing it in the best way possible. In some situations, it might not be a good idea to move the person or to move yourself if you’re the one who’s injured.

This could result in more discomfort and perhaps do more damage to the initial injury. When urgent care is needed, a lot of the time, moving the person would be ill-advised.

Remove any dangers

When someone is injured, you’re able to assess the situation immediately around them, doing what’s best to help minimize the problem. Removing any dangers is something to be wary of when you’ve discovered someone who is injured. 

For example, if someone has fallen and there’s broken glass around them, it might be best to try and remove the glass so that they don’t lean a body part into the glass and cause themselves further harm.

Call emergency services

When emergencies strike, it’s best to get in touch with the professionals as quickly as possible. As soon as you recognize that the injury is going to need medical care above what you can provide, then get in touch with emergency services.

The sooner you get in touch with them, the quicker you’ll get your loved one seen to.

Know where to go for care

If you’re driving to the hospital, then it’s good to know where to go for care. For the most part, it’ll be A&E where you get immediate care but depending on what the emergency services may say over the phone, they might recommend you to go elsewhere. Be sure to heed this advice to get care as quickly as possible.

Injuries happen, so be prepared and use these tips so that if faced with this scenario, you can get help fast.


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