Here’s Why You Should Keep Working After Kids

Your working life and your family life do not have to be in conflict. If there’s one thing that parents often get wrong, it’s that they believe that their careers and their life outside of their children is over once they have them. But that’s just not the case. Having children is an adventure, but that doesn’t mean that your career or your aspirations have to cease.

In fact, there are plenty of arguments as to why you should continue your career after you have children. Whether you had plans to go into management before you went on maternity leave or not, ensuring that your career and your family coexist is important.Parenthood can change you, but that doesn’t have to change your aspirations. And even if it does, it doesn’t have to slow them down. Here are the reasons why you should keep working after you have children if you want to.

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  • You will have a much happier marriage. When you are fulfilled professionally as much as you are personally. You will feel more relaxed and you’ll feel happier about what you’re going to achieve. Couples in which both spouses work have a much better satisfaction for marriage because you each have something to focus on outside of the home. This can help both of you to develop as individuals and recognise that you do not need to rely on each other to be completely happy, but you can rely on yourself and still be happy.
  • You maintain your financial independence. There should never be a position for a woman to be in where she has to financially rely on somebody else entirely. As much as you love your spouse, marriages do break down and divorce is real, which means that you need to be in a position where you can take care of yourself should that happen to you. This is especially the case after you have children, because if you cannot financially support your children on your own, you may find it very difficult to be able to get out of a poor situation.
  • You will raise happier kids. It is very good for your children to see you achieve. In fact it should be compulsory for your children to see you achieve and even if that means you are working out of the home, they get to see you go off and be an independent person and not just a parent, because that’s one thing that you really should remember: You are more than just a parent.
  • You secure future earnings. If you did decide to take a long break out of your career while your children are very young, that’s brilliant. But the gap there is going to be difficult to close when you do go back to work. There is a chance that you’re going to lose a big chunk of your future earnings because you spent time with your family.

The personal fulfillment that you gain after having children is one thing, but continuing to work gives you something to aim for and something to achieve. 

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