Menstrual Cramps: Best Ways To Relieve Pain

Experiencing menstrual cramps is completely normal. Abdominal pain is most common, but you can also feel pain in the back, while some women get unbearable headaches, feel dizzy, get cold sweats, and feel generally unwell. Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels Menstrual cramps usually occur someday before or at the beginning of menstruation. For some, they last during the entire period but for most women, they go away after a few days. They … [Read more...]

Why Personalized Jewelry is the Best Gift You Can Give

Given the sheer weight of expectation, and the size of the options, when it comes to giving a gift it’s very likely that the sentiment can get lost in the process. There are many occasions where a gift is the necessary by-product of a date in the calendar and obviously everyone loves getting a present from a loved one. Let’s be honest though, often the experience of giving and receiving can end up feeling a little hollow. It’s almost too … [Read more...]

5 Effective Tips to Boost Your Daily Energy 

Low energy levels can have negative impacts on your social and professional life. But when that fatigue sets in how do you fight it? If you struggle with low energy, undoubtedly you’ll be interested in learning how to use CBD oil and other tools to increase your energy levels    Eat Right  Often low energy is caused by poor nutrition. Energy-boosting foods include those that contain lots of vitamin B, D, C, and magnesium. Omega 3, COQ10, … [Read more...]

Graduation Gift Giving for College Graduates

It’s that time of year again, when commencement speeches are underway, hats are being thrown into the air, and new adults are entering into the world of business, medicine, journalism, the arts, and more.  Whether they’ve been studying for two years, or ten, graduating college is a momentous occasion. It celebrates hard work, long nights, a sincere lack of sleep, frustration, sweat, and frequently, copious amounts of tears. Finally, the joy and … [Read more...]

Tips and Tricks for Paint by Numbers: A Beginner’s Guide

Struggling to learn to paint by numbers? I have the best paint by numbers ideas and tips to help you realize your desired artwork!  It’s never too late to be an artist. Amidst so many Picassos, you may feel like an overwhelmed amateur; luckily, someone has thought of you! Paint by numbers was designed to help you explore your inner artist.   Paint by numbers is DIY painting kits that novice … [Read more...]

Pool Safety 101: How to Keep Your Pool Safe For Kids

Safety Pool Guide: 5 Tips on Keeping the Pool Safe For Kids Parents will do anything to get their children out of harm’s way, and that’s the way it should be. Still, “harm” can take in various forms and faces. It could be a pet, a burglar, an uncovered hole in the backyard, or a swimming pool. Yes, in fact, drowning is the primary cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of 1 to 4. On average, around 390 deaths annually are … [Read more...]

Treating Childhood Hay Fever

Hay fever is a type of allergic reaction. It occurs when dust mites and pollens get airborne and get into your eyes and nose. It can result in inflammation, and it mostly affects the eyes, sinus passages, throat, and face. When it occurs seasonally, it usually happens when the child has an allergy to pollen. Pollen is small particles that get released into the air by certain trees and grasses. When a child inhales these pollens, they get an … [Read more...]

Car Seats: Choosing The Right One For Your Child

Every parent knows that their child’s safety is at the top of the priority list. That this fact could not be truer when it comes to being on the road in a vehicle. Driving has several dangers related to it, and you can’t tell when or where it will happen. So what do you do for your kid when you drive?  Make sure he or she is comfortable and safe in an appropriate car seat. But what is the perfect pick for your child, with the numerous … [Read more...]

Pretend Play as a Child

Many children like to explore the different types of pretend play. This can start from an incredibly young age, and be done both independently, as well as with others. This can help your child to explore the world around them, gain an understanding of different roles within life, and also develop their creativity and imagination. Allowing them to engage in pretend play can also benefit you, as a parent, as it allows you to watch and learn the way … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Build An Organized Wardrobe For Your Children

Most families spend about 4% of their salary on clothes and the costs depend on the age of the children. Clothing for young kids can be much cheaper than adolescent clothing. It is possible to find the ideal blend between doing laundry and following minimalist organization tips. A lot of parents wonder what clothes their child needs for the year and there is a checklist you can make to ensure that you do not overdo it! Let’s take a look at a few … [Read more...]