Steps For Staying Organized During a Small Move

Small moves can seem deceptively easy; after all, you’re only packing and moving a few things and not everything including the kitchen sink. However, before you get too comfortable thinking everything’s under control, a small move can easily become an unorganized mess. 

Suddenly, you can’t find anything and have no idea which box to start unpacking. Thankfully, there are a few simple strategies for organizing and executing a small move. Just imagine, moving and still keeping your sanity intact.

Pack One Room at a Time

Yes, it’s easy to grab a glass or more of wine and sit down for an evening of packing. Your boxes are lined up and you have all of your necessary packing supplies. You’ve even hit the thrift shops for extra blankets and towels so you can protect breakable items. You’re ready to relax and safely pack everything from books to fine china.

However, before you start grabbing random items from various rooms it’s a good idea to start in one place, and a quick tip is to leave the bathroom for last. After all, you’re going to need at least some of your toiletries before moving day. Start in a room where you’re not going to need the stuff until after your move.

Start Packing Before Moving Day

Don’t wait until the movers are scheduled to show up to start packing, as this is a great way to become distracted and disorganized. You may even forget to pack an essential item you need in the process. Remember, just because it’s a small move doesn’t mean you can put off packing until the last possible second.

Even if your movers are friends and family you don’t want to keep them waiting while you seal up boxes. A good timeline to consider is packing one box or room a day. This way, you’re not overwhelmed and you’re probably not going to forget to pack anything.

Use a Permanent Marker

If you don’t own a permanent marker, now’s the perfect time to buy one. The markers are inexpensive, easy to find, and a great way to stay organized during a small move. So, what are you going to do with the marker?

After packing each box, label it with the room it belongs in. For example, your toiletries will go in a box labeled bathroom. Dishes and a coffee maker go in a box marked for the kitchen. Knowing where each box goes makes unpacking easier and less of a disorganized mess.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Pack Essentials

While you don’t want to pack any essentials days before your moving date, you also don’t want to wait until the last second. If the movers are showing up in the morning, get started the night before. Leave out your toiletries and clothes for the day but get everything else ready to go.

You probably also want to get up a little earlier to finish packing—this way, you have time to get ready and pack before the movers show up. If you tackle one room a day and label your boxes, you can stay organized throughout the moving process. 

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