Moxie Girlz Doll : Review [Giveaway CLOSED]

Every girl has the strength to do something amazing. Anything is possible as long as you stay true to yourself and never give up on your dreams!    What is Moxie [MOK-see]? n. Positive attitude and confidence The courage to go for it Energy in everything you do A Moxie Girl is full of energy and self-confidence. She's a loyal friend who faces challenges with courage, vigor, and poise. She's unique, bright, … [Read more...]

#WIN Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat Review & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Is your New Years Resolution to focus on you? … to support eco-responsible businesses? At Manduka we are committed to making the world a better place. We’re grateful to be part of a community that’s committed to doing the same. Together we celebrate the deep and profound bond yoga shares with the world. The idea of respect for all living things is core to our company's philosophy, and sustainability is our standard. We are committed … [Read more...]

#WIN Eat Smart Digital Bathroom Scale Review & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Is your New Years Resolution to watch your weight? … drop a few pounds? EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale™ The EatSmart Bathroom Scale is versatile, easy to use digital bathroom great for any home. Simply step on the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout on the EatSmart's oversized 3.5" LCD display. Features Large 3.5" LCD display - Easy to read from any distance 4 high precision sensors - Consistent and accurate … [Read more...]

#WIN a Party Cooler From Eat Wholly!

BIG NFL PLAY-OFF WEEKEND…… WITH WINNERS: Wholly will overnight party packs to the biggest fans of this weekend's playoff teams. Go like Wholly Guacamole on Facebook and tell them why you should be picked as a winner. Make sure you start off by saying what team you are cheering for: Baltimore vs Pittsburgh; Jets vs Patriots; Green Bay vs Atlanta; Seattle vs Chicago. GO TEAM! GO! … [Read more...]

#WIN Your Entire Baby Registry at Babies R Us!

If you're expecting a new baby, chances are that you're registered at the go-to spot for all things baby- Babies 'R Us. And even if you're registering days are long behind you, we have a feeling you know some moms who are expecting a new little bundle of joy. If you fall into either of these categories, you're definitely going to want to hear about the new Babies 'R Us sweepstakes, sponsored by Baby Brezza, the makers of The Baby Brezza™ One Step … [Read more...]

#WIN Truvia Natural Sweetener Review & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Are you trying to focus on less processed, more natural foods? Say hello to Truvia™, a zero-calorie natural sweetener made from the best part of the stevia plant. It's natural. It tastes great. You can even bake with it. If happiness had a flavor, this would be it. So go ahead, indulge your deepest cravings. Proudly. In plain sight. How deliciously bold of you.   Our family has been trying to avoid processed food items … [Read more...]

#WIN Spira Odyssey Running Shoes Review & Shoe GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Is one of your New Years Resolutions … to get into shape? … start running? ... walk more? The WaveSpring® Technology We are convinced that the WaveSpring® technology has the potential to revolutionize the footwear industry, and in the process, forever change the purpose and function of footwear. Unlike traditional coil or conical springs, the WaveSpring is laterally stable, compact and lightweight. As a result, we have developed a … [Read more...]

#WIN Family Movie Night “Change of Plans” DVD/CD & Viewing Kit GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Saturday is Family Movie Night! Walmart and P&G are continuing their commitment to deliver quality family entertainment with the heartwarming drama, made-for-tv movie Change of Plans. “CHANGE OF PLANS” SYNOPSIS Up to this point, Sally Danville’s life has played out just as she hoped it would.  As a beautiful and free-spirited musician, she and her fighter-pilot husband, Jason, live life on the go, free of domestic … [Read more...]

#WIN Tonka Strong Arm Garbage Truck Review & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

I remember Tonka trucks for as far back as I can remember. The big metal ones that the little neighbor boys would dig in the sand with clear up to the newer tough plastic ones we have purchased as gifts for nephews and the few we have bought for Ethan. When I was contacted by Funrise Toys to review a Tonka Strong Arm truck I immediately knew which one to choose. Emma & Ethan have a game now, every Thursday they race to the windows to … [Read more...]

#WIN Bob the Builder The Golden Hammer Review & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Shiver me timbers!  Bob the Builder and his Top Team have moved to Fixham Harbor for a swashbuckling new adventure.  Spud and Scrambler learn about the legend of Pirate Brickbeard's Golden Hammer, a treasure that he has hidden in their new town. The team must follow the clues to find its location. Can they find it? Yes they can!  All hands on deck for a treasure trove of mystery and fun! Can we fix it? YES! WE CAN! (yeah, I think so!) The … [Read more...]