#WIN Timmy Time Timmy Steals the Show DVD GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

SYNOPSIS:  Timmy Time follows the adventures of Timmy, a little lamb with a lot to learn as he enters preschool. Fans of Aardman’s hit children’s series Shaun the Sheep will recognize Timmy as the baby lamb on the farm who is frequently drawn into all kinds of chaotic adventures by the mischievous older sheep. Used to having his way by being “the only lamb in the flock,” Timmy is now heading to preschool to graze on some important life lessons … [Read more...]

#WIN Fantasy Jewelry Box Review & $25 gc GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

  FantasyJewelryBox.com is one of the leading online retailers of celebrity and designer inspired jewelry. Although celebrity inspired jewelry is our specialty, we are also a leading online retailer for replica celebrity rings, fake engagement rings and faux wedding sets.Our sterling silver jewelry collections primarily consists of high end genuine .925 Sterling Silver with high-quality cubic zirconia stones. We also proudly carry … [Read more...]

#WIN Chuggington Let’s Ride the Rails DVD Review & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

  The-first ever Chuggington DVD, Chuggington: Let’s Ride The Rails has pulled full steam ahead on February 8 and we hope you’ll come on board!An exciting new train property for preschoolers, “Chuggington” currently airs daily on Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel’s learning-focused programming block.  The colorful and contemporary CGI-animated TV series follows the amusing adventures of three young trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko, … [Read more...]

Squaredy Cats Plush Review

Monkey Doodle Dandy is the collaborative effort of Kurt Marquart and Elaine de la Mata. Working in a small studio in Brooklyn, NY, Monkey Doodle Dandy does work for everyone from toy & game companies to web & print publishers to corporations of all sizes in need of our creative services. We take toy design from concept to presentation to final art, control drawings, and packaging. Our illustrations have appeared in magazines, books, … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Link Up 2/21/11 List Your Giveaways

Welcome to Monday Morning Link Up! This is a great way to spread the word about your giveaways and find a few to enter as well! The rules are simple: 1) Giveaways must be family friendly 2) Check out a few giveaways for yourself! (there is no obligation to enter any) I’ll start with my giveaways ending in the next seven days…   Minnie's Masquerade DVD ends 2/21 John Deere Fun on the Farm DVD ends 2/21 Kidtoons … [Read more...]

Play-Doh Flip ‘n Serve Breakfast Review

Whip up some delicious fun with this breakfast set! Use the molds and “griddle” to create scrumptious looking “eggs”, “pancakes” and much more out of PLAY-DOH modeling compound. Then, use the waffle griddle to press out a picture-perfect “waffle”. Would you like a “banana” or a “croissant” to go with your “French toast” or “hash browns”? But of course! A knife, spatula and fork even let you “serve up” your creations. When you’re done “cooking”, … [Read more...]

Tiny Love Jungle Park Activity Gym Review

Philosophy At Tiny Love, enabling a superior developmental environment for your baby is far more than an ongoing mission; it is the driving passion behind all of our endeavors. Tiny Love strives to consistently improve its position in the market by being the first developmental toy provider to identify the latest discoveries in child development and translate them into engaging, interactive toys that nurture skills and delight the … [Read more...]

Learn the FAT Difference and Get OFF the Ranch!

Veggies are so good for you, but sometimes you want just a little more flavor… something to dip them in, right? Most people’s “go to” dip for veggies would be ranch… but did you know there are “good fats” and “bad fats”? Wholly Guacamole would like to help clear some things up for you. Take a look at the new Get Off the Ranch website! I just spent some time playing around and I learned a few things! Like, did you know the fats … [Read more...]

Weekly Weigh In Weeks 15 & 11 : 2/18/11 #NSNation

It’s been 15 weeks on Nutrisystem for myself and 11 weeks for Kaytlin. Wow, what a week. Let’s just say… well… it sucked. This was worse than the holidays hands down. Let’s start with Valentines Day. A beautiful box of chocolate covered strawberries arrived (my fault) and I thought (imagine an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, both whispering in my ear) okay… they are berries. Just skip your dessert. (that would be the devil … [Read more...]

#WIN Nacho Mama Tees T-shirts GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Nacho Mama Tees (www.nachomamatees.com) has some of the best offensive t shirts around. Founded in 2004 the t-shirt giant offers funny shirts which include chuck norris shirts, hangover t shirts and zombie t-shirts. They provide a variety of funny t shirts and crazy shirts.  With new mens vintage tees and great movie t shirts you are sure to find one you will fall in love with.   WIN IT! ONE OurKidsMom reader is going … [Read more...]