Joovy Race Car Ride-On Review

Joovy Race Car Ride-On Review With summer weather in full force my kids clamor on a daily basis to go outside and play. With our outside toy choices on the slim side, I was thrilled when Joovy agreed to send us a Race Car Ride-On to review. I was a little surprised at how small the box was when it arrived, but as you can see... everything was inside nearly fully assembled. After emptying the box onto the floor I was happy to see that I only … [Read more...]

Joovy 4×4 Ride On | Review

Joovy 4x4 Ride On With spring finally here to stay, the kids and I have been trying to spend more time outside. They love to ride their Joovy Bicycoo, but sometimes they feel the need for speed. That’s when the Joovy 4x4 Ride-On steps in. When my box arrived I was in total amazement that a ride-on could come in such a compact box. I initially thought that maybe I was sent the incorrect item. But, as you can see... the box did contain … [Read more...]

Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Beginners Bike

This past December Santa’s elves made an early appearance and left a Joovy Bicycoo BMX balance bike for both Emma and Ethan. They had a blast with it and I am convinced that a balance bike should be the first step to learning to ride a bike... then a two wheeler. Learning to balance and pedal at the same time is overwhelming and quite frankly, difficult. Balance bikes, quite simply put, introduce the idea of balance before anything else.  … [Read more...]

#WIN Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller RV $199.99 | #GIVEAWAY | [CLOSED] | #rafflecopter | Open Worldwide

Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller The Joovy Groove isn’t your ordinary “the marts” umbrella stroller. The Groove is complete redesigned from top to bottom with both baby and Mom in mind. First thing you notice when you open up the box is this techy looking super strong rectangle aluminum frame attached to the cleanest looking 600D fabric ever! Available in Joovy's bestselling colors, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black. Pop the huge canopy … [Read more...]

Joovy CocoonX2 Double Stroller With Jogging Wheel Review

Joovy Cocoonx2 Double Stroller With Jogging Wheel The CocoonX2 is a double stroller-jogger-bicycle trailer all in one! New Years is here… was one of your resolutions to be more active, get fit, maybe lose a little weight? I know mine was! One of my main contributors to falling off the resolution wagon is time. Time to get out and take care of matters without my children. Taking them for a walk turns into a slow stroll because they tire easily … [Read more...]

Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Beginners Bike Review

Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike Santa’s elves over at Joovy decided to send Emma and Ethan one of their newest toys, the BicycooBMX Balance Bike, to review. Emma has been using a similar bike for about a year now and although she is pretty adequate with it, she isn’t quite ready for peddles. Ethan is now 3 1/2 and is ready to try his hand at a “big boy” type bike. The bikes arrived and we quickly unpacked them to find that they were only in … [Read more...]