Moving with Small Children: 5 Effective Ways to Make it Easier for Them

Moving is hard for adults and kids alike, but it can be especially hard on your smaller children. After all, many smaller kids have only known one home, they’ve never experienced moving, and the concept can seem overwhelming and scary. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make the moving process easier for your little ones. If you want to plan a move with less stress and more ease, just try these 5 tips.    Plan Ahead   If your … [Read more...]

Drinking English Breakfast Tea: The Perfect Way to Start the Day

It is well known that tea is the second most popular drink in the world. And, if you are a true tea enthusiast, you are probably one of those people who like trying out different tea varieties. The fact that there are countless flavors and mixes merely proves the growing popularity of this hot aromatic beverage. In general, there are five tea types and all are available in many varieties. Black tea, in particular, is the most popular type of … [Read more...]

Update on ME! Life, Weight Gain, 75 Hard and 2021 fitness goals

Hello!! 👋🏼 I know it's been forever since I've updated you on my fitness/weight loss journey, please forgive me! Life has this habit of taking over and distracting me. A lot has gone on since I updated my weight loss journey post. I've been a fitness instructor for over 3 1/2 years. Sadly, I am no longer teaching R.I.P.P.E.D. . January of 2019 was rough for me. My dad was diagnosed with cancer ... it was literally all over his body. From … [Read more...]

Achievable Health Goals For Busy Moms In 2021

A new year is always a good time to set targets and work towards goals. Many moms are keen to prioritize health and wellbeing, but it can be tough to hit milestones when you’re running a home and raising kids. If you’re on a mission to put your health first in 2021, here are some achievable health goals.  Increasing activity levels Health experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Moderate exercise can include everything … [Read more...]

How to Go about Cash Flow Management during the COVID-19 Crisis

The entire humankind is going through a challenging time, one that no one was prepared for. The COVID-19 crisis got the planet under its clutches and changed our world entirely. Social distancing, masks and sanitizers now dominate our everyday vocabulary. Recession and a sharp decline in the GDP of several nations is the flavor of the season. People are losing their jobs by the minute, and industries are shutting down their operations. No one … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Preparing Yourself When You Are Expecting

Having a child is a momentous moment for any prospective parent. You’re bound to feel a roller coaster of emotions from anxiety to joy.   Preparing for the birth of a newborn isn’t an easy task and does require effort. There’s a lot to get done in a short amount of time.    Here are five tips that can help you prepare yourself when you are expecting a newborn.    Gather necessary items  The types of items you’ll need for a baby will … [Read more...]

What Is a Hail Mary Pass?

Let me Hear You Say a Hail Mary! Pexels Image Football, uniting loved ones together Going to a football game is like a rite of passage if you are a sports fan and love live outdoor sports or even just an activity that you can easily share with loved ones. The great thing is that the entire family whether young or old can all get together and enjoy these moments together. It is the perfect opportunity to all spend time together which is not … [Read more...]

Preparing for Back to School During COVID-19 

It’s hard to say what “normal” means anymore, or if it will mean anything ever again!  But there is one thing we can all count on as parents. We need to keep moving forward for the sake of our families and ourselves. Eventually, the world will force us forward, anyway.  And now, many children will be told they can return to classrooms on a part time basis. For better or for worse, it’s time to prepare ourselves and our children to … [Read more...]

Top Ten Warning Signs That You Need An Electrician

When Should You Call For An Electrician? Homeownership can be a chore and extremely troublesome to keep up with. There always seem to have endless problems to fix –– from maintenance costs, mortgage fees, yard works, electrical wiring… the list goes on and on. As such, many people opt to find quick short-term solutions to these problems –– be it ignoring those flickering lights in your living room, or utilizing multiple extension cords to power … [Read more...]

How I Made Custom Holiday Cards an Easy Task

Every one of you reading this can relate to this statement. 2020 has turn my life upside down! As the holidays are quickly approaching my head is spinning with all of the tasks that need to be completed on top of the newly added task of "teacher" (I'll keep my thoughts to myself about virtual schooling) and the fact that I am almost never alone! To be honest, creating and sending holiday cards was not at the top of my priorities. In years … [Read more...]