When Does A Vacation Become Too Long?

Most people take travel opportunities whenever they can - often the odd weekend here and there. Some book longer off work - up to two weeks. But very few of us ever consider what the optimal vacation length should be.  How long should we spend away from our regular lives and work to explore the rest of the world? That’s actually a very good question, and something that science is currently investigating. You want to go abroad long enough to … [Read more...]

6 De-Stressing Tips For Family Travel

Vacations, family or otherwise, are a superb way to get out of the house and see the world. For many, it’s something that you look forward to all year, something you work hard to get the chance to enjoy. But, travel - especially family travel - can be incredibly stressful.  photo credit The last thing you want is to have your vacation ruined because you’re not prepared and therefore too stressed to enjoy anything. So, before you plan your … [Read more...]

What Children Can Learn From Your Bad Habits

Children look to their parents as role models. They watch how their parents go about their lives, care for and treat others, and handle life’s challenges. Then they copy what they see.  Image - free for commercial use No one is perfect, even parents. You swear, you tell the odd white lie, and you lose your temper, and then you panic when your child catches you doing things like this. Instead of worrying about what bad habits you’re teaching … [Read more...]

Tips For Enjoying Upcoming Virtual Concerts

We should all accept that this year has influenced our lives and the live music business. Also, we can't help but be disappointed that we won't be able to see our favorite bands, venues, or club nights.  But, you know, the show has to go on, right? Many musicians believe, and that is why live stream shows have become a standard for musicians worldwide, with each performing in their unique way to remain linked to their followers as much as … [Read more...]

Methods to Get Your Child to Stop Sucking their Thumbs

Thumb sucking may seem harmless at first, but as the child continues the bad habit it will become a problem as we covered last year. The habit not only leads to physical consequences, it can result in emotional and social issues. There are a variety of reasons that thumb sucking is a negative coping mechanism. While developing as a way for the child to comfort themselves when they’re stressed, sad, or uncomfortable, if it continues the child will … [Read more...]

Timeline of the Third Trimester

If you’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy, the finish line is right around the corner. Every trimester brings its own set of challenges, and the third trimester is no different. When you know what to expect during your last trimester, you can have peace of mind and feel prepared for what's to come. What to Expect During the Third Trimester At the beginning of your third trimester, it’s normal to experience an increase in fetal … [Read more...]

Top Tips For Moving Abroad With Kids

Unfortunately, moving house is always going to be difficult. Whether you are searching for new employment or trying to gather enough money to make a downpayment on a property. However, this stress is further exemplified when you are moving abroad - as your entire life is set to change as a result. Couple this with the fact that you have a few kids to bring along with you - and the whole experience seems like it will take years from your … [Read more...]

Adapting To A New Home And School Abroad

If you are moving to another city or country with your family, then the adjustment period for the children may be longer than you had anticipated. It may seem that children adapt quickly and all will be fine, however, sometimes this takes a little longer and especially if you are moving to a new country. The culture will be different and things will feel different. You may have already been through all the proceedings of talking with … [Read more...]

What is Richmond VA like

The capital of Virginia, Richmond, is right on the James River. It was already an important base for defense against colonial power during the War of Independence and was later also of strategic importance for the southern states during the American Civil War. Not only in Richmond but in Virginia itself there are many places where large and small battles have taken place. Richmond was elected the capital of the southern states during the Civil … [Read more...]

Feeding Your Newborn: Nutritional Tips for New Parents

It’s no secret that every parent wants to raise a healthy and happy child. And since infants have different needs and preferences, parents are often faced with many decisions and challenges about what the best care for their newborn should be. One of the most important areas that must be carefully considered is their nutrition. Providing your newborn with a proper diet can really go a long way. What you feed your baby will certainly have an … [Read more...]