Decorating tips for people who are terrible at DIY

When you buy a new home, you probably have a lot of plans for decorating the house and making it your own. Once you have all the questions about property insurance and utility providers out of the way you can start focusing on personalizing your new home. These days, many homeowners choose to renovate their property themselves to save money and achieve a more personalized, homey feel. But not everyone is so adept at DIY and the task of … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Redesigning Your Bedroom

There are a lot of aspects that make up a bedroom. Do you have carpet or hardwood floors? What are the colors of the wall? What about your furniture? Is your bed in the center of your room or against a wall? The factors to consider continue from there. Designing your perfect bedroom is not an easy process, but if you already have furniture to work with, it’s a little bit more manageable. Rather than going into your bedroom and wanting to redo the … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Home Improvement Tips

The last year has seen most of us spend a whole lot more time in our own four walls. Prior to the pandemic, many of us would spend time out of the house taking the kids to nursery, playgroups or school. Many of us would work from an office or other commercial premises. We’d spend our time socializing outside of the house at restaurants, cafes and bars, or we’d attend clubs, visit museums, go to the cinema or theatre or more. Instead, this year, … [Read more...]

How To Design A Kids Bedroom With The Help Of Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Kids' rooms are one of the most beautiful places in a house. They are playful and pleasant in their outlook. Kids are the most loved ones in the family. Therefore, special attention is given to the decoration and designing of their space. First-time parents are especially excited about giving the best-looking place to their child.  One essential item in designing is the usage of a peel and stick wallpaper. In this article, we give parents … [Read more...]

8 Design Ideas For Your Minimalist Style Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the centre of the home, it very well may be difficult to try and envision having a minimalist interpretation of it. But we all know, minimalism is not only in vogue but also brings joy and peace to mind.  Pulling off a minimal look is a tad bit tricky since it doesn’t mean to vacate the place but to use lesser items to increase efficiency. The appearance should be perfect however loaded up with luxe stone, stylish … [Read more...]

4 Signs You Should Replace the Windows Rather than Repair Them

How do you feel about the windows in your home? Do you like them or are they a constant source of irritation? If it’s the latter, something needs to be done. Repairs are sometimes the answer, but a more likely scenario is that you need to call one of the Toronto window companies and look into the idea of replacing every last one. Here are some signs that it’s time to make that call. You’ve Already Spent a Small Fortune on Repairs How … [Read more...]

Bathroom Style Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

Bathroom Style Trends: Sliding Barn Doors Sliding barn doors are a unique design choice for any room of the house. Though many homeowners imagine a door between rooms or a closet door when they picture a sliding barn door, there is a wide variety of unconventional and exciting design choices to be made. One of these is the sliding barn door in the bathroom. Bathrooms can vary greatly from home to home, even from the guest bathroom to the … [Read more...]

Does It Have To Be So Expensive To Equip Your Kitchen?

There are few parts of the home where it feels like modern convenience really matters quite as much as the kitchen. Were it not for the toaster, microwave, freezer, and other handy appliances, we would be spending literally all day preparing our meals instead of being able to get them done in an evening. However, there’s no denying that keeping your kitchen equipped can be pretty expensive, so, what can you do to make the costs of that modern … [Read more...]

Innovative 2020 Home Trends That You Should Not Ignore  

Every year, new and fresh ideas enter the home market, and people have to choose what they would like to incorporate every year. As it stands, 2020 has not been a disappointment as there has been several unique and innovative trend and old-school trends that are dominating the market. If you want to revamp your home, here are some trending ideas that will put your home in better shape than before.  Customized Barn … [Read more...]

Surprising Ways to Create Space in Your Home

No matter how big or small your home is, you could probably use a little more space, or even just the illusion of space would be nice!  Pexels - CCO Licence Family life can take over and lead to you all feeling cramped at times, but there are plenty of things you can do to rectify the situation. If you have the funds, Residential Architects, could help you to extend your home or convert the attic space, and this would be a really need … [Read more...]