Water Saving Plumbing Upgrades for Your Home

Saving money on utilities is one of those things we all like to do, but we can’t always find ways to do it without creating inconvenience for ourselves. Water is a great example of something that we wish wasn’t so expensive, but figuring out how to create savings is a whole different proposition. Fortunately, there are some upgrades to your home that you can make and start saving money right away. 

Low-Volume Toilets 

With new designs hitting the market every day, it’s getting much easier to lower your cost per flush. Upgrading from a toilet that’s even just a few years old can make a big dent in your utility expenses that will quickly offset the cost, and with no change to your lifestyle. Even if you don’t replace the entire commode, you can save water by replacing its leaky valve or by using a bottle of sand in the tank to displace some water. This trick can make a low-volume commode out of even the oldest models. 

On-Demand Water Heaters 

The money-savvy consumer hates to run water at the sink, waiting for hot water to come through. Now you don’t have to. New water heater designs can actually create hot water almost instantly and right at the sink, keeping you from having to wait for it to arrive from a water heater downstairs. There are many benefits to tankless water heaters including reducing waste water, energy efficiency and longevity of the unit. 

Recirculating Hot Water 

Another option for reducing waste while waiting for hot water is a recirculating system. If you already have a modern water heater and don’t want to invest in instant heaters, you can have a recirculating system installed that captures the “standby” water that you usually have to run down the drain. That standby water is directed back into the hot water system so that you get hot water faster without running the cool water down the drain. 

Upgraded Showerheads 

Most of us are very particular about our showerheads. Not only do they need to do a good job at rinsing us off, but a lot of us love to soothe aching muscles with a shower massage. Of course, both of those functions require a lot of water, especially if the pressure is low and the volume high. That’s a very inefficient way to use the shower for either purpose, and that’s where your showerhead comes into play. New designs maximize pressure instead of volume, doing an even better job with far less water. Swapping out your showerheads is a fast and easy job for even the most novice homeowner. Best of all, the cost is low, so your savings start right away. 

Pressure-Reducing Valves 

Depending on your location in your city water system’s grid, you may have higher pressure than you actually need. The result is that in a given amount of time with the faucet flowing, you’ll use more water than your friends across town. To solve this, you can have your home equipped with a pressure-reducing valve that cuts back on the amount of water you use in every single part of your home, cutting your expense at every fixture. 

Our bills are high enough without wasting water on top of everything else. Like any cost-saving measure, plumbing upgrades will require some investment up front. However, they will all pencil out in the long run by creating a positive impact on your bottom line. Think about which parts of your plumbing system are ready for an upgrade, then investigate your options for replacing them with modern devices that will save you water and energy. 


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