How to Plan a Cruise with Kids Shorn of a Hitch

Did you know cruises have Kids clubs and water parks? – Read to know more about exciting cruise events. 


Want to see the world while indulging in both adrenaline-filled and elegant adventures? There is no better option than cruising. It’s like a one for all ticket where there is something for everyone. From having a dip in the pool to escapades on land with your family, you can experience it all. 

Cruises are ideal for family holidays because children, as well as adults, can be a part of them. The large ships contain numerous big playrooms for different age groups, each with age-appropriate activities, computer gaming, and furnishings. 

Also, there are facilities with small toilets and sinks. If you’re a parent with children who wants to cruise and needs to have plenty of leisure time for yourself, start by getting yourself acquainted with these ideas. 

Tips for Parents on Board 

Cruises are like resorts sailing on the water and to ensure smooth sailing, you need to know which family cruise with kids to hop on and how to plan the entire trip. There are so many factors that could go wrong in your magical marine time if you do not plan ahead. 

Here are some tips to help you ace this trip.   

Pick a Good Cruise Line That Satisfies Families with Children 

This isn’t the time to try to spin the wheel on your long-awaited family vacation. Numerous large cruise companies have created an industry out of respect towards families with children. If you pick one of them, you’ll have to do a lot less creative thinking when it comes to planning youth activities, cuisine, lodging, and excursions. 

Check out cruises like Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, etc… as these businesses are arranged for families with kids and are of reasonable price. However, don’t rule out other off-the-beaten-path possibilities. 

Do know that cruise lines provide a wide range of charm, style, and cost, so do your homework to make sure the one you choose is a good fit for your child’s ages and passions, as well as your finances.  

Need a Crowd Please? Cartoon Characters 

Has your child been begging you to go to Disneyland for a while? How about a Disney cruise instead? Disney Cruise Line is a perfect fit to make your child’s Disney fantasies come true. Make your child the happiest, by introducing them to their character crushes. It features all imaginable characters such as Mickey Mouse and Friends, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel superheroes, and many more. 

Nevertheless, it is not the only phrase that brings stories to life. Carnival is throwing a tough competition by introducing storytime, headlining Seuss a palooza, along with green egg and ham breakfast and periodic appearances of characters such as Puss N Boots, Cat in a Hat, Shrek, Fiona, and the list goes on. Give your kids the best of both worlds. 

A children’s Club Would be Surprisingly Beneficial 

Make sure the ship you choose offers a fantastic kids’ club, and then use the opportunity to get away from the kids. 

Such free kids’ clubs, which are located in designated pick-up youth programs, are handled by professional counselors and are split into age-appropriate groups, with programs catering to ages 3 to 17). 

As your kids are engrossed in entertaining activities such as art, crafting, music, treasure hunts, pool sport (and so on) you, parents, can suit up and have a romantic dinner or just have a much-needed spa date. It’s a “win-win” situation for all. 

Have a Toddler? A Cruise With a Nursery Would be Convenient 

If this happens to be your first cruise with your toddler, it is going to be quite a memorable voyage for you especially if you don’t have any helping hand. Typically, mainstream cruises have an age limitation of six months, whilst cruises that are lengthier may require an age limit of one year. 

Many luxury cruises have no children policies so before booking a ticket make sure you don’t choose one of those. You want to go for cruises that provide hourly drop-off nursing services and activities for those little ones to enjoy with their guardian. 

Look For In-Cabin Babysitting 

For some parents, taking a few hours off at the end of the day after their children have gone to bed is a tremendous treat. Hence luxury cruises like Royal Caribbean offer hourly private in-cabin babysitting facilities. This has proven to be in great demand for parents who have toddlers or babies that are 12 months old (too young to be in drop-off/pick-up programs). 

Usually, off-duty female cabin and crew members offer to do this job while you can indulge yourself in some adult entertainment. However, to ensure you are provided with this service, report to the guest relation reception as soon as you board the cruise. These services are not always guaranteed. 

Look Into the Ship’s Dining Options 

Adult tourists may find dining aboard cruise ships to be one of the most appealing features. Children, on the other hand, may not be as interested in food as you are. When traveling with children, you should also consider your dining times carefully. 

Choose a time that is convenient for the entire family if your children enjoy sitting with you for dinner and eating. If your children would be content with snagging a cheeseburger from the buffet and returning to the kids’ club, choose a later time that will allow you to relax and dine as a pair. 

Recognize Your Entertainment Alternatives 

Now, do some advanced research on the shows and activities that will be taking place on the ship. Certain cruise line shows are oriented only for adults and may not be suitable for children. You may often book show reservations ahead of time, so bear that in mind. You’ll probably arrive a little early for the concert, to keep your kids occupied while waiting, bring an activity pack or a device. 

Several of the newer cruise ships have fantastic activities that your children will enjoy. Check out if you need to make reservations ahead of time. You’ll want to know if the activities have any restrictions so you can make decisions quickly in case your children could also participate. 

Make Arrangements for a Shore Excursion. 

A shore visit is definitely going to make a significant impact on your children. If you have the means, allow your children to choose a shore excursion. It will be a fun-filled experience even though it might get costly and challenging if you happen to have a large family. 

The idea is to discover something that the entire family can enjoy together. Make sure to look at all the requirements of the excursion and the age and weight limits. You don’t want to arrange an excursion that one of your family members can’t attend. 

You can either book excursions with the ship’s management or plan them yourself. It is more beneficial to book with the ship as that will ensure more safety and organization for the younger ones along with proper time management. Managing excursions on your own can bring additional danger. 

Last But Not the Least, Let Your Kids Fly 

Cruises are an eccentric place for children to experience more freedom than they do in their daily life. Let your older kids walk around the ship on their own and find their clubs and favorite cuisines. We as parents are always paranoid about our children’s safety. Don’t worry, the cabin crew is there to look after them. 

Effective communication is essential here. Make sure your kids always inform you about their whereabouts, set a meeting point on deck during specific times. If you want your kids to have fun, you need to let them plan what they want to do. There is even space for some freedom for small kids. For example, you can let them choose what they want to eat or the table they want to sit at. 

Time to Pack Some Swimsuits and Head to the Shores 

Finally, don’t forget about yourself. The cruise time is not only for your kids but is also for you. Your kids are guaranteed to have fun with the advice we have given. Now all you have left to do is choose a good cruise line that has entertainment options for both you and your children. 

The refreshing breeze of the sea and the breathtaking landscapes along with the exciting smiles on your children’s faces is worth it. Just pack sufficient clothes, don’t stress and overdress. Choose a port near your house so you don’t have to drive far away to get on board. 

Carefully follow all the advice and you will have smooth sailing. Just make sure not to fuss about your kids all the time, let them have fun in their own way whilst you can have some fun on your own too.  

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