Can I Sue If My Child Was Injured in a School Bus Accident? 

Buses are a comparatively safer mode of transport due to their large size, a mandatory harness system, closely spaced seats with tall seat backs. Although it is rare, school bus accidents can occur and lead to a devastating experience as they involve small children. If your child was a victim of a school bus accident, according to very important lawsuit information provided by the bus accident lawyers at the Salamati Law Firm in … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Active Children

Giving the right gift to a child takes work, but things get a little easier if you know the child intimately. Those who are trying to figure out the perfect gift for an active child need not worry because the following are great gift ideas for these kids. Skate Up Another fun gift to consider is electric skateboards for kids. These are suitable for older and active kids who want to have fun outside. These skateboards are motorized, so it is … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for the Tech Kid

Gift Ideas for the Tech Kid The biggest joke these days is, if you don’t know how that gadget works, ask your kid. The thing is, it’s more reality than comedy these days, as kids are immersed in technology far sooner than any of us were growing up. For better or worse, kids are getting more screen time than ever before and, due to the early and often exposure, they are naturally adept at technology. Not only that but also nearly all kids love … [Read more...]

Emma Lost Her First Tooth | Two Rows of Teeth?

Emma Lost Her First Tooth | Two Rows of Teeth? Emma will be 7 in November and she just lost her first tooth. F I N A L L Y!!! She was so sad throughout kindergarten that she was one of the few that still hadn’t lost a tooth. She would have us check her teeth for wiggles so often I lost count. She finally found a wiggler and went to work. We soon realized that her grown up tooth was coming in behind her front row... almost like a second row … [Read more...]

Emma and the Dance Recital

Emma and the Dance Recital Emma has been in dance lessons for about a year and a half and we are now attending her second recital. It’s a busy weekend at our house between dress rehearsals and the actual event(s). Yes... you read that right. Our company performs the same recital twice, once on Saturday night and once on Sunday afternoon. It’s held in a large auditorium and both events are practically packed. Here are a few fun shots of Emma … [Read more...]

My Job Chart : Teaching Kids to Work : FREE & Online

My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for teaching, organizing and motivating your kids to Save, Share and Spend responsibly. My Job Chart makes it easy for parents to assign chores and more motivating and meaningful for children to fulfill them. My Job Chart facilitates fun, engaging, hands-on learning for kids on the ABCs of prosperity including saving, sharing and spending. My Job Chart gives … [Read more...]