Emma Lost Her First Tooth | Two Rows of Teeth?

Emma Lost Her First Tooth | Two Rows of Teeth?


Emma will be 7 in November and she just lost her first tooth. F I N A L L Y!!! She was so sad throughout kindergarten that she was one of the few that still hadn’t lost a tooth. She would have us check her teeth for wiggles so often I lost count. She finally found a wiggler and went to work. We soon realized that her grown up tooth was coming in behind her front row… almost like a second row of teeth. Her almost perfect smile is (although cute) rather crooked.


We have been told by a few people that their child’s tooth migrated to the front and pushed the other teeth sideways to make room. As you can see from the first photo, her new tooth is MUCH bigger than the old space. Here’s to hoping… but for now we are celebrating that she finally received a visit from the tooth fairy!

Did any of your children start a “second row” of teeth?

Did it eventually straighten out?


  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I’m not sure these are comments are going through, I am getting a blank page after clicking submit…hmmm. Here’s my comment again
    Yay Emma! My grandson who is 6 lost his first tooth a month ago and he was so excited. He wanted to wiggle the others loose so the tooth fairy would come again but he did have the one next to it come out about 2 weeks later. I remember when my son was little and lost his first tooth, he scared me because he was attempting and getting a bunch of his other baby teeth out after the first. All because he wanted more money from the tooth fairy. We had several talks with him and I still can’t figure out how he got so many out when they really weren’t even loose.

  2. Rosie says

    I was pretty teeny when I was young, and had some teeth pulled when I was 6. I would guess an orthodontist would be best able to let you know.

  3. Jean says

    I’ve not seen an adult come in behind the baby teeth that way, but I know adult teeth do a lot of shifting until they work their way into their final position. My daughter’s teeth have all come up right beneath the baby teeth, which has made losing them really easy. They just sort of pop right out! I’m sure Emma will be thrilled to show off her new tooth at school!

  4. Julie Wood says

    I remember the days of my son losing his teeth in the front. I hope that Emma has no problems with her teeth growing back in correctly because Orthodontists are so expensive! She sure has cute teeth, and they look so healthy!

  5. Lisa says

    My son had what the dentist called “shark teeth.” His moved forward eventually. I was worried at first because I had never seen anything like it.

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