4 of Motherhood’s Most Unexpected Joys

Any mother is likely to tell you that having kids is an adventure. You might think you know what to expect going into it, but no book, anecdote, or anything else will get you completely ready for what it will be like to hold your tiny newborn in your arms for the first time. They grew inside you, and now here they are, a living, breathing human being in miniature.  You probably will find that being a mom is just what you expected in some … [Read more...]

What Children Can Learn From Your Bad Habits

Children look to their parents as role models. They watch how their parents go about their lives, care for and treat others, and handle life’s challenges. Then they copy what they see.  Image - free for commercial use No one is perfect, even parents. You swear, you tell the odd white lie, and you lose your temper, and then you panic when your child catches you doing things like this. Instead of worrying about what bad habits you’re teaching … [Read more...]

Adapting To A New Home And School Abroad

If you are moving to another city or country with your family, then the adjustment period for the children may be longer than you had anticipated. It may seem that children adapt quickly and all will be fine, however, sometimes this takes a little longer and especially if you are moving to a new country. The culture will be different and things will feel different. You may have already been through all the proceedings of talking with … [Read more...]

5 Must-Have Stroller Accessories

Every new parent dreams about having an extra set of hands to help them handle their adorable bundle and all their gear. Moms and dads have a lot going on when trying to get their baby ready to head out. Having the right equipment and stroller accessories can help make a trip out much easier. Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels Today’s strollers are fairly easy to operate and transport, but that doesn’t mean that a few additional accessories … [Read more...]

3 Cute Ideas for Your Birth Announcements for Your Newborn

Announcing birth is the best way to let your loved ones know about your baby. It also offers you a simple way to share pictures and valuable details about your kids. But how are you going to find the right words to describe your excitement? We've got some inspiration below to help you announce the entrance to the world of your little one. Here are some ideas you can use when announcing your baby’s birth.   Birth Announcement Wording … [Read more...]

3 Things People Get Terribly Wrong About Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are a tough time for all parties involved and the worst part is that most people are ill-prepared for it. While most will recognize signs of trouble, too few understand the legal repercussions of a divorce. Many have misconceptions about what will determine child custody or how the couple’s assets will be divided, for instance. Others may not fully understand how the law in their state might differ from others. Let's take a … [Read more...]

12 Mom Hacks to Start off the Year Right

All moms know one universal thing to be true: there’s simply never enough time in the day! Moms manage jobs, kids, relationships, homes, and so much more. Being a mom is a heroic feat; it’s no wonder she’s so many kids’ superhero!   If you, like many moms, are looking to squeeze every possible minute out of your day, we are here to help. Meet “Mom Hacks”! These are our clever tips and tricks to help save time, so that you can finally get your … [Read more...]

Beat The Fears Of Water: Tips To Make Your Kids Enjoy Swimming

Taking part in formal swimming lessons is said to lower drowning risks by 88% in kids aged 1 to 4 years, according to the NCBI. Swimming is one of the most incredible fun water activities children, and adults enjoy. Besides being enjoyable, swimming is an essential life skill that helps prevent drowning, especially in young children. However, the idea of swimming or playing in and near water frightens many kids. Fortunately, there are several … [Read more...]

4 Ways that Moms Can Help Their Kids Deal with a Divorce or Separation

Many marriages and partnerships end up continuing till death do you part. As a mother, it’s probably what you want: to stay with the person you love throughout your life. That way, the two of you will have lots of time to spend with each other, and your kids will have two caring parents in their lives.    However, it does not always work out that way. You might end up growing apart from your spouse or partner, and if that happens, it’s … [Read more...]

Moving with Small Children: 5 Effective Ways to Make it Easier for Them

Moving is hard for adults and kids alike, but it can be especially hard on your smaller children. After all, many smaller kids have only known one home, they’ve never experienced moving, and the concept can seem overwhelming and scary. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make the moving process easier for your little ones. If you want to plan a move with less stress and more ease, just try these 5 tips.    Plan Ahead   If your … [Read more...]